Using PowerShell Modules in Azure Functions

Steve Lee published a couple of blog posts about how he created a PowerShell Open Source Community Dashboard in PowerBi. In his last blog post he explained how he used PowerShell, Azure StorageTable, Azure Function and PowerBi to create the Dashboard.

In his blog post Steve mentions that within Azure Functions you only can run a PowerShell script and that you cannot use PowerShell modules within your PowerShell Azure Function. Well that’s not correct, there is a way to use PowerShell Modules within your PowerShell Azure Function.

In a blog post on the PowerShell Team Blog I’ll explain how you could start using PowerShell Modules in Azure Functions.

You can read more here.

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  1. John Liu says:

    When you are at Function App settings, instead of clicking on Go to App settings and finding FTP, just click Kudu and use the in-browser cmdline and explorer.

    Make new sub directory “modules”

    then drag and drop your module from desktop into the browser.

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