OpsMgr installation in Azure VM

Lately I’m busy with learning more and more about Azure. I even passed my Azure 70-533 exam last week Smile

Today I wanted to start installing Operations Manager 2012 R2 in a newly deployed VM in Azure. Instead of downloading the installation bits from MSDN from within the VM hosted in Azure I wanted to upload a local ISO file to my Azure Storage Container and attach the VHD (with ISO) to my VM hosted in Azure.

To do so I created the following PowerShell script.

# --------------------------------------------------- # Script: C:\Scripts\PS\Azure\Attach_OMSetup_vhd.ps1 # Version: 0.1 # Author: Stefan Stranger # Date: 02/05/2015 15:26:30 # Description: Create a local vhd, insert an iso file and upload to azure storage container and attach vhd to VM # Comments: # Changes: # Disclaimer: # This example is provided “AS IS” with no warranty expressed or implied. Run at your own risk. # **Always test in your lab first** Do this at your own risk!! # The author will not be held responsible for any damage you incur when making these changes! # --------------------------------------------------- #Variables: $vhdpath = "d:\vhds\OMSetup.vhd" $destinationVHD = "https://mystorage.blob.core.windows.net/opsmgr/opsmgrsetup.vhd" $size = 1GB $isopath = "D:\ISOs\en_system_center_2012_r2_operations_manager_x86_and_x64_dvd_2920299.iso" #Create VHD #Mount VHD #Intialize Disk #Create partition #Format Volume New-VHD -path $vhdpath -SizeBytes $size -Dynamic Mount-VHD -Path $vhdpath Get-Disk -FriendlyName "Microsoft Virtual Disk" | Initialize-Disk -PartitionStyle MBR -PassThru | New-Partition -UseMaximumSize -AssignDriveLetter:$False -MbrType IFS | Format-Volume -Confirm:$false -FileSystem NTFS -force | get-partition | Add-PartitionAccessPath -AssignDriveLetter -PassThru #Copy OMSetup.iso to mounted disk $Driveletter = (Get-Disk -FriendlyName "Microsoft Virtual Disk" | get-partition) $Destination = $Driveletter.DriveLetter+":" copy-item -path $isopath -Destination $Destination #Dismount vhd Dismount-VHD $VHDPath #load Azure module Import-Module Azure #Authenticate through Windows Azure Active Directory and downloads associated subscriptions Add-AzureAccount #Upload vhd Add-AzureVhd -LocalFilePath $vhdpath -Destination $destinationVHD -NumberOfUploaderThreads 5 # Adds a new disk to the Microsoft Azure disk repository. Add-AzureDisk -DiskName "OMSetup" -MediaLocation $destinationVHD -Label "OMSetup" #Attach disk to VM Get-AzureVM -service "service" -Name "vm" | Add-AzureDataDisk -Import -DiskName "OMsetup" -LUN 0 | Update-AzureVM


When I now connect to my VM in Azure I see the following:


After mounting the vhd file I can start the installation of Operations Manager in my VM.


You can also download the above script from Github

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  1. H Shakir says:

    you downloaded the iso into your local system or in azure opmgr machine ?

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