Using Operational Insights to find missing Update Rollups for OpsMgr

Today I was looking for an easy way to find if I had installed the latest Update Rollups for Operations Manager 2012 R2 on all my machines. I know I had installed the latest Update Rollup 4 for OpsMgr 2012 R2 manually in my Windows Azure Pack demo environment. But did I miss some machines?…


Enable ISAPI and CGI Restrictions for Web Console installation using PowerShell DSC

This week I’m trying to install System Center Operations Manager 2012 R2 using PowerShell Desired State Configuration. I’ve been able to install the Domain Controller and SQL 2012 using DSC but now I was stuck at some of the pre-requisites for the OM2012 R2 installation. I had to add and enable the ISAPI and CGI…


Grouping and Sorting in Azure Operational Insights Search

I’ve been playing with the preview of Azure Operational Insights lately. Operational Insights ( is an online service that analyzes installations of Microsoft server software by using System Center Operations Manager or agents directly connected to servers. Operational Insights collects data from your installations, analyzes it, and generates alerts that identify potential issues (such as…


Real-Time monitoring of OM Techical Preview installation for errors

Some days ago we announced the availability of Windows Server Technical Preview and System Center Technical Preview. After downloading the vhd file using a PowerShell script shared on Niklas Akerlund’s blog I wanted to monitor the installation of OpsMgr in real-time for errors. As you may already know there is OpsMgrSetupWizard.log file which reports activity…


Creating a PowerShell Script Gallery Upload ISE Add-On – Part 2

In part 1 of this blog post series I showed the end result of the PowerShell Script Gallery Upload ISE Add-On which I created. In this post I explain the steps I took to create this ISE Add-On. As starting point I used the blog post from Jason Stangroome called Create a PowerShell v3 ISE…


New Operations Manager Dashboard section Script Center

We recently added an area for sharing scripts for SCOM dashboards featuring PowerShell extensibility widgets to the TechNet Script Center repository. This is a centralized location with PowerShell scripts for the extensibility widgets. I’ve uploaded my PowerShell Grid Widget Helper script to this section too. And did you know I also used my PowerShell Script…


Creating a PowerShell Script Gallery Upload Add-On – Part 1

Some weeks ago I started a discussion on Codeplex requesting an option to upload your PowerShell scripts to the TechNet Script Center being part of the Microsoft PowerShell Script Browser. .One of the main features in the Script Browser is to search, download, and learn script examples from the TechNet Script Center. Until now most…


Update: Using PowerShell OData Provider Module for OneGet and PowerShellGet

Update 03/13/2015: the PowerShell gallery is moved from to After playing with OneGet and PowerShellGet for some time now I wanted to dive into the OData feed that both new PowerShell v5 preview features are using. Let me first summarize OneGet and PowerShellGet. OneGet is a new way to discover and install software…


What is my in PowerShell Profile?

This week Ed Wilson (Hey Scripting Guy) shares information about what people have in their Windows PowerShell profile. Interested to know what I’ve in myPowerShell profile? Check the following blog post called  “What’s in Your PowerShell Profile? Microsoft PFEs' Favorites” Go update your Profile!


OpsMgr Program Managers on Twitter

I guess you already know I’m pretty active on Twitter but since recently an number of OpsMgr (Program) Managers have joined the Twittersphere. You can now start following them on Twitter and ask them to improve your favorite products Joseph Chan (Principal Program Manager Daniele Muscetta (Program Manager) Daniel Savage (Principal Program Manager) Liz Kim…