What is SMA and why is it important in the world of PowerShell?

One of the many blogposts on my todo list is about SMA (Service Management Automation) but I’m just too busy to blog right now. So sorry for the lack of blogposts lately. Did I mention we are looking for Premier Field Engineers in the Netherlands? Winking smile

Service Management Automation is a feature of the management portal for administrators in Windows Azure Pack for Windows Server. You can use it to automate administrative tasks in the management portal. You automate your tasks by using runbooks, which run Windows PowerShell commands. You can also use a runbook to run another runbook within its workflow. When the secondary runbook is finished, runbook implementation returns to the calling runbook.

Jim Britt a Senior Program Manager for the Windows Server System Center CAT Team at Microsoft has posted a blogpost the PowerShell Magazine blog explaining what SMA is and why it is important in the world of PowerShell.

Check it out!

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