OM12 – Creating a Dashboard View with Widgets and store in specific Management Pack

Today I was playing around with creating some Dashboard Views with Widgets and wanted to store them in their own Management Pack. All the blogs about creating OM 2012 Dashboards store the Dashboards and Widgets in the Default Management Pack. This is by design because all Views (and the Dashboard View is just another view) are created in the folder you started doing it from.

The only exception to this, is creating a folder (but that’s not a view Winking smile)

So if you start creating a Dashboard View in the Monitoring folder the Dashboard View is stored in the Default Management Pack.


If you want to store your Dashboard View in another Management Pack than the Default Management Pack, you need to create a new Management Pack (for example create a Test Management Pack) and start creating your Dashboard View under that (Test) folder.


Now your Dashboard View is being stored in the Test Management Pack.


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