Protect Your PowerShell Scripts with Version Control

W00t! My Protect Your PowerShell Scripts with Version Control blog article I wrote for the Hey, Scripting Guy! Blog, got published today Check it out!


Installing a new OpsMgr 2012 (SP1) environment the fast way

Some days ago I read a blog post from Bjorn Houben called SCOM2012 – Quick test lab setup OpsMgr 2012 SP1 Beta using prepared VHD. In that blog post he described how he had used the pre-configured System Center 2012 SP1 Beta downloadable evaluation VHDs to quickly install a test lab setup for OpsMgr 2012…


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

What better way than using PowerShell to wish you all a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!   Copy and paste script and run in PowerShell.   $frame1 = @” .———————-_._——————————————. | d888b . * | | . * _ ?888P_ . | | ,-~~-‘-/_~~~\.’-~:8o. * | | ,’ .:8bv’ .:88. . | | /…


The First-Ever Dutch PowerShell User Group

Last Friday we had our first ever Dutch PowerShell User Group meeting and I could finally meet Ed Wilson and his wife Teresa. Read more on the Hey, Scripting Guy! Blog


Update: Put OM2012 Computer Group Members in Maintenance Mode with PowerShell

I finally found out the issue why this script was not working for everybody. It was because of the different versions of PowerShell. Now it should also work on PowerShell v2. Another possible fix to the empty ComputerGroupsMembernames issue. Last week I saw a request for a PowerShell script which would put all the members…


Get-SCOMAlert Cmdlet, the Criteria Parameter and the Non-Equal Operator

Wow, that is a cryptic blogtitle Did I already lost you people with this blogpost title? I hope not, because this blogpost is about how to use the Get-SCOMAlert Cmdlet using the Criteria parameter the correct way. Credits for this blogpost go to my colleague Jens Morawietz, because he explained the implications of using the…


OpsMgr 2012: Update Rollup 3 ships, and my experience installing it

Because Kevin Holman has not published a blog article on the latest release of the Update Rollup 3 for System Center 2012 for Operations Manager 2012 I thought why should not I do it this time And to be honest this time was a little different then I’ve implemented updates in years. Why? Because this…


System Center Operations Manager 2012 Toolbox

After posting some years ago a blog post with all the OpsMgr 2007 tools I thought it would be time for a new OM2012 Toolbox blog post.   Tool Purpose Description Author Webpage MPViewer 2.2 MP Viewing The previous version 1.7 (that works with OpsMgr 2007 and 2007 R2) was released here. Version 2.1.2 has…


First Dutch PowerShell User Group Meeting

We are very happy to announce the first DuPSUG meeting. This will be held at Master IT in Eindhoven (The Netherlands) on Friday the 23th of November at Master IT in Eindhoven (Netherlands). The speakers and their sessions are: Speaker: Ed Wilson About: Ed Wilson, MCSE, MSCBA, MCT is the Microsoft Scripting Guy. As such,…


OM2012 QuickTip: Overview of installed Patches for Agents

You all have installed Cumulative Update Rollup 2 (UR2) for OpsMgr 2012, right? If not just follow the steps Kevin described in his blogpost. After installing the UR2 on your agents you want to check if the patches are installed on all your agents. You can just use the following PowerShell command to have a…