Everything you want to know about the OM12 Cmdlets

Did you know there is a help topic about which cmdlets are new to Operations Manger 2012, which Operations Manager 2007 cmdlets have an equivalent Operations Manager 2012 cmdlet ("renamed" cmdlets), and Operations Manager 2007 cmdlets that have no Operations Manager 2012 equivalent ("deprecated" cmdlets)? Yes there is Just type Get-Help about_OpsMgr_Cmdlet_Names   Here it…


Inside Central Podcasts–Episode 12–OpsMgr 2012 Command Shell

Last week I had to some long car drives to one of our customers and had plenty of time to listen to some of my favorite podcasts like the PowerScripting Podcasts and Inside Central Podcasts. And in Episode 12 both of my favorite topics where discussed, PowerShell and Operations Manager. In this episode Pete Zerger…


Reformatting get-scomrmsemulator cmdlet output

Hi people I need your help. Today I was looking at the Get-SCOMRMSEmulator cmdlet in OM12 RC and noticed that when running this Cmdlet I got the following WARNING: column "Id" does not fit into the display and was removed"   I solved it by using the Format-Table Autosize cmdlet, but would not it be…


Do OM12 Management Servers have different registry keys?

Now everybody has downloaded OM12 Release Candidate, it’s time to start exploring. Let’s start exploring the registry of the Management Servers for OM12. And off course we are going to use PowerShell to browse through the OM12 Registry. Let’s open the registry for OM12 on our first Management Server by starting PowerShell with the Run…


New System Center 2012 Virtual Labs available

Source: System Center Central Now that we have released System Center 2012 Release Candidate is time to start installing this release in you test environment. But you can already start using our Technical Virtual Labs. TechNet Virtual Labs enable you to quickly evaluate and test Microsoft’s newest products and technologies through a series of guided,…


How to find out what’s new in OM12 for PowerShell

This week I started to play with Windows 8 and of course one of the first things I looked for was PowerShell 3.0 And then I found a great blogpost on the PowerShellMagazine website by Shay Levy where he shows how find all the changes between the two versions of PowerShell (v2 and v3). That’s…


Lessons learned – The OpsMgr 2007 R2 Universal Connector

Last week I was asked to help a customer with the configuration of an OpsMgr 2007 R2 connector. Because I had not much hands on experience with the installation and configuration of the OpsMgr 2007 R2 Connectors I installed an configured the Universal Connector in my own test/demo environment. And because I learned some new…


OM12 Command Shell vs OpsMgr2007 Command Shell

Now that System Center Operations Manager 2012 (OM12) Beta available is, it’s time to compare the OM12 Command Shell with the OpsMgr 2007 Command Shell.   Snapin vs Module OpsMgr 2007 has a PoweShell Snapin and OM12 uses a PowerShell Module. Modules are a new feature of PowerShell v2 are now widely used in PowerShell….


Extract Exchange 2010 Management Pack files from MSI file

Today I wanted to have a look at the Exchange 2010 Management Pack files, but I did not had access to an OpsMgr 2007 environment and only had my laptop with Windows 7 running with me. So I started to download the Exchange 2010 MP from the Microsoft PinPoint Website. After the download had finished…


Who put the RMS in Maintenance Mode? (2nd update)

I was investigating an issue with OpsMgr Agents who where stuck in Maintenance Mode. A big help was this article from David Dixon. We managed to solve the issue but we also wanted to know what caused the issue and I investigated if the RMS HealthService was put in Maintenance Mode accidentally. By the way,…