Using PowerWF for creating an OpsMgr MP

Today I stumbled on this video about PowerWF (a visual PowerShell Development tool) creating an OpsMgr MP.

The video shows how PowerWF can be used with PowerShell scripts and converts it to a workflow,and creating a MP with the data for OpsMgr.  

Visual PowerShell Development with PowerWF Studio makes Microsoft’s PowerShell accessible to everyone. PowerWF Studio allows users to drag-and-drop PowerShell commands to create powerful workflows that are easier to understand and modify than conventional scripts.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    The version I demo’d (and what’s shown in this video) is 2.2 which will be out by May 8. The difference between that and 2.1 (available for download now at is the smooth SCOM deployment and some very cool data mashup tools.

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