SCOM Wiki Page on TechNet


Did you all know there TechNet is now in a Wiki Beta?

What is TechNet Wiki Beta?

The TechNet Wiki is a library of information about Microsoft technologies written by the community for the community. Whether you write code, manage servers, keep mission-critical sites up and running, or just enjoy digging into details, we think you will be at home in the TechNet Wiki.

  • This is a community site. For official documentation, see MSDN Library, TechNet Library or contact Microsoft Support.
  • The Wiki is focused on Microsoft technologies. The community will edit or remove topics that get too far off track.
  • We are inspired by Wikipedia.
  • Anyone who joins can participate and contribute content.

For more information including how you can participate see

But the cool thing is that there is also a SCOM Wiki page on TechNet. Go check it out and add content!

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Go TechNet Wiki go! Have you visited it recently?

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