Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year. Have fun learning OpsMgr & PowerShell next year again! Tweet


Documenting your OperationsManager Databases? Use PowerShell!

I’ve already blogged a couple of times about ways to document your Operations Manager Databases. First I showed you to use SQLSpec from ElsaSoft, a couple days ago I told you you can find more information about the OperationsManagerDW schema in the new Reporting Documentation. And now I’m telling you, you can use PowerShell to…


The OperationsManagerDW Schema

Today I got an internal email telling me that there is new Reporting Documentation for OpsMgr on Microsoft Technet. And I also got a question about information about the SQL Schema’s of the OpsMgr Databases. In the past I’ve blogged about a tool (SqlSpec) that could help finding the Database Schema for OpsMgr databases. You…


What Monitors, Rules and Discoveries are running on an OpsMgr Agent?

How often do you get the question: “What Monitors, Rules and Discoveries are running on an OpsMgr Agent?” from your co-workers? Especially when they don’t have a clue what is being monitored for their servers. Most of the time you just use the EffectiveConfigurationViewer from the OpsMgr Resource Kit. It let’s you pick different objects,…


Microsoft Codename Atlanta

Source:   What is Microsoft Codename Atlanta? Microsoft Codename Atlanta ( is an online service that analyzes installations of Microsoft SQL Server 2008 (and later versions) and provides proactive alerts to help you avoid system downtime and follow best practices with regard to configuration and usage. Atlanta is developed by the Microsoft Atlanta product…


Video: Introducing the Next Generation of System Center Operations Manager

Source: TechEd I had not time to go to Microsoft TechEd 2010 in Berlin this year, but hopefully I’ll be able to go to MMS 2011, if no vulcanoes stop me from going If you also did not go to TechEd Berlin this year, and are interested in the Next Generation of System Center Operations…


Using PowerShell Remoting to connect to OpsMgr Root Management Server and use the OpsMgr Cmdlets

This week I’m busy preparing a PowerShell v2 Essentials workshop I’ll be delivering next week. One of the Modules of this PowerShell  v2 Essentials Workshop is PowerShell Remoting. If you don’t go to my workshop or don’t know what PowerShell remoting is, I suggest reading the Administrator’s Guide to Windows PowerShell Remoting. In this blog…


Checking dll version of updated files after installation of hotfixes

Today I was troubleshooting an OpsMgr Issue what seemed to be caused by using the wrong MOMIISModules.dll. On some servers we saw the next OpsMgr EventID’s popping up: Log Name: Operations Manager Source: HealthService Date: 28-9-2010 10:12:55 Event ID: 4507 Task Category: Health Service Level: Error Keywords: Classic User: N/A Computer: servername1.customer.corp Description:Creation of module…


Why do OpsMgr Groups have different Icons in the Authoring Pane of the OpsMgr Console?

Today I got a question from a customer about the different Icons being uses in the Authoring Pane in the Operations Console for Groups.   Some Groups have an Icon with what seems to be computers in a box and others have an empty box.   The difference between the Groups with and without Computers…