Reblog: Submit questions for the Operator’s Manual

Source: Word and Software (Jeanie Decker)

Jeanie Decker want you to submit questions for the OpsMgr Operator’s Manual. Please help her!

“There are two ways to approach content on using the Operations console and Web console for Operations Manager:

  1. Explain what information is available in each section of the consoles.
  2. Take examples of information that an operator would want to locate, and tell them how to find it in the consoles.

I've decided to do it both ways, in a guide that I'm putting together for new Ops Mgr operators. Here are a few questions for #2 that I harvested from an email discussion:

  • I have added a Management Group in the console and I also added few computers, how do I know if these computers belong to the management group that I added?
  • How do I know if a management pack is applied or connected to the servers that I added in the console?

What other questions might an operator want to answer in the console? Submit your suggestions to jdecker AT microsoft DOT com!”

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