Become an MMS 2009 “Virtual Attendee”

Source: MMS 2009 organization

I just got an email from the MMS 2009 organization that’s possible to become an MMS 2009 “Virtual Attendee”.

Maybe a could idea if your manager didn’t allow you to go to MMS 2009 this year.

Ok, it’s still costs you (or your manager) $350, but that’s the same as 25 days internet in the Planet Hollywood hotel in Las Vegas 😉


“If you are unable to attend MMS 2009 in person this week, a new MMS 2009 Online” registration option has been created which provides access to the valuable session content being presented at this year’s MMS 2009 event - right from your desktop. 

MMS 2009 Online - Features
MMS 2009 Online” is an opportunity to access the MMS 2009 CommNet both during and after the event, just like attendees who are present at the event.  This option provides access to key content including:

· Live Webcast of the MMS 2009 Keynotes*

· Video Recordings of Breakout session topics**

· Downloadable PowerPoint slide decks from the Breakout sessions

· Hands-on Lab Manuals

· Sample files shared by Speakers

· Access to the MessagePoint system for online discussions with other attendees

· Copy of the MMS 2009 Post-show DVD set mailed shortly after the event (a $275 value)

· Copy of the MMS 2009 Hands-on Lab Walkthrough DVD mailed after the event (a $125 value)

· Access to all MMS 2009 Online content for 3 months after the event closes

Registration as an “MMS 2009 Online” Attendee costs $350 and provides online access to over 140 breakout topics as recordings and PowerPoint slide decks as well as 76 Hands-on Lab manuals.  The Post-show DVD set provides indexed recordings of all available Breakouts plus bonus materials and supplementary files from session speakers and Event Sponsors.  The Hands-on Lab Walkthrough DVD provides video recordings of the most popular lab topics offered at the event with audio commentary providing step-by-step explanations of the key procedures covered.

*Note that the live webcasts of the MMS 2009 keynotes are not restricted to registered “MMS 2009 Online” Attendees.  Access to all other content is restricted to in-person and on-line attendees up to 3 months post-event.

**Breakout session recordings for most topics will be posted within 24 hours of the live session.

Full Session Details
Full details of the sessions being offered at MMS 2009 this week are provided on the event site Sessions Page and in a downloadable Session Details PDF.

“MMS 2009 Online” Registration
The MMS 2009 Online registration package is available for only $350.  If you would like to register as an attendee of “MMS 2009 Online” click on the following link:

· "MMS 2009 Online" Attendee Registration Site

The username and password you create during registration will give you immediate access to all the online content available to attendees at the event – and without leaving your desk!

Don’t miss out on the top IT Management event of 2009.  Register now!

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