Yet another Maintenance Mode GUI

Today I got an email from Mark Wolzak with the question if I could give some exposure to his newly created Maintenance Mode GUI based on PowerShell and Windows Forms.

At his company there are several people who have to perform maintenance tasks in the monitored environment. Not all of them are familiar with powershell or the operationsmanager console. And there will be probably more people who have the same issues at their company 😉

That’s why he combined the agent maintenance mode script and the group maintenance mode scripts in a graphical UI so that people no longer need to be familiar with powershell or the operations manager console.

And now he is giving his solution to the community. So if you are interested. Take  a look at his website and download this new Maintenance Mode GUI based on PowerShell.

And in case you want to create a Shortcut to this script you can take a look at the Windows Scripting Guys how to do that.

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