OpsMgr Video Experiment: Ask About OpsMgr question

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Jeremy started an OpsMgr Video Experiment called Ask About OpsMgr and I really like the idea.

“I’ve been reading and hearing all over the place how complicated and difficult Operations Manager is. You’re half-right. It’s immensely complicated when compared to previous editions, and when it’s your first exposure to it. I’m aiming to change all that, and I’m trying it in a new medium - video! So watch the video below (Or if your firewall rules don’t prohibit it, go directly to the YouTube link) and post a video response asking me your question. Any question.

I’ll do my best to answer it with the help of the OpsMgr Army and screencast it all!”

So because I quite new to creating videos I installed my webcam software did some tests and create my first Ask About OpsMgr Video question! Sorry for not being a great actor yet:-)

I’ve already some thoughts about how I would solve my question but maybe there are some other ways to do it.

Merry Xmass and Happy New Year!

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Hi Daniele,

    You may be right or not 😉 So far not a lot of people have created videos yet, but did you already took a look at http://www.seesmic.com?

    What is Seesmic?

    Seesmic provides anyone with an innovative way to communicate and connect online through video conversation. It’s so easy: record a video directly on Seesmic’s website, mobile phone or upload an existing video straight from your computer or link to a video posted on a social network. Join the Seesmic community and experience a new way to express yourself, make friends, join in active conversations, and engage in real interactions with real people.

    So why would Ask About OpsMgr would not work?


    Stefan Stranger

  2. Anonymous says:

    I am not saying that "It would not work"; I am saying that videos don’t work FOR ME.

    I still prefer written text, as good technical posts are written so that you can quickly "scan" through them getting the command or information you need in a few seconds/minutes… whilst you need to sit there and watch a video in their entirety.

    I have seen many videos where most of the information they contain is a lot of blabbering… I have seen many videos where the important information was contained in some 5 minutes, surrounded by hours of stuff I already knew: I cannot SKIP those.

    I cannot EASILY find that gem or bit of useful information back unless I write it down while watching it the first time. To find it back it takes considerably less time than "find in page". Even to understand it the first time is sometimes difficult when it is not just conversational but when it refers to COMMANDS, SYNTAXes, XML, CODE… ("what did he say, again?"

    I have to click PAUSE whenever I receive a phone call, or have to interrupt watching – a TEXT does not automatically scroll, and I can read it in bits and pieces…

    Again, a lot of people are crazy about videos and podcasts… I just find that written, searchable, indexable TEXT is a lot more efficient, still, for a lot of stuff.

  3. Anonymous says:

    My friend, I don’t think that videos are the solution to anything. It takes a immensely longer time watching videos rather than what it takes to READ thru the lines of any text to get the information they contain, as you have to watch them all in their entirety, and you never know when that important bit will be mentioned.

    This is especially true for technical content, IMHO.

    I just don’t get this whole webcast and podcast and screencast crazyness.

    By that’s probably me.

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