Secure Vantage ACS Resource Kit v1.1

Source: Secure Vantage Weblog

Secure Vantage has released an update to the ACS Resource Kit for the community.

The ACS Resource Kit now includes a revised version of the ACS Disk Planning Calculator originally posted on System Center Forum, new database utilities for ad-hoc queries and advanced grooming, plus the ACS Visio Stencils previously posted on our blog.

For more information and to download the latest version of the ACS Resource Kit please visit

ACS Resource Kit v1.1, Contents

  1. ACS Administrators Quick Reference – ACS newbie cheat sheet of common commands and configurations
  2. ACS Database and Disk Planning Calculator – preplan online, offline and archive storage needs plus disk requirements for the online audit database
  3. ACS Database Event Analysis
    • ACS Summary Stats - XLS you can connect to ACS DB for event load analysis
    • Query Active Partition for Event Counts
    • Query Active Partition for Specific Events
    • Windows Security Auditing Reference List – List of windows security events, settings and common configuration items for Windows XP, Vista, Windows Server 2003 & 2008
  4. ACS Database Utilities
    • Groom Specific Events from Audit Historical Database
  5. ACS Noise Filtering
    • ACS Noise Filter Guide
    • My Generic Filter – Sample noise filter
    • Filter Setup Kit – Auto apply generic filter sets after ACS installation
  6. ACS Security Event Creation Testing – Scripts to create events for over 50 audit scenarios
  7. ACS Visio Stencils – Microsoft Office Visio Stencils of common ACS components
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