Un-trusted domain and DMZ monitoring Guide update

Source: Wally’s weblog

My good friend and former colleague has updated his Un-trusted domain and DMZ monitoring Guide.

“The previous guide was for Server 2003 and un-trusted domain or workgroup servers with a standalone CA. I’ve added the scenarios for Server 2008 with an Enterprise Root CA for both un-trusted domains and DMZ servers.

One thing I missed when requesting a certificate on Server 2008 was the “Store certificate in the local computer certificate store” option to make the process a few steps shorter. In addition to the Server 2003 Enterprise CA you don't have to create your own template for the client, server authentication. In the Server 2003 Enterprise CA a predefined Gateway server template is present which just have to be activated to use when for client and gateway authentication. The SCOM Gateway client, server certificate can be used for both DMZ and Gateway server scenarios.”

You can download the new Un-trusted domain and DMZ monitoring Guide from his SkyDrive folder. Go to his weblog and click on the link there.

Now I can finally remove the old one from my old weblog 😉

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  1. Guide says:

    Documents are not available on Skydrive…Can you upload it please

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