What’s in an Operations Manager 2007 Management Pack?

I know this isn’t the first blog about what’s in a MP, but lately I often get asked what’s in MP from my fellow Premier Field Engineers. Often they want to know which rules and monitors are in a MP for a certain application and which thresholds are used.

There are several tools available for looking into a MP:

But they all have one drawback and that is you need to have the OpsMgr consoles and/or access to the RMS. Except for the OpsManJam Library off course 😉




Clive tells us that you can get it working if you have the appropriate platform version of the SDK assemblies Microsoft.EnterpriseManagement.OperationsManager.dll and Microsoft.EnterpriseManagement.OperationsManager.Common.dll in the same folder as the tool. The SDK assemblies can be found and copied from the management server installation folder SDK Binaries. But you still need to have access to a RMS.

So what do I use to get the contents of a MP? That depends on what I want to know and from which MP I want the info.

  • If I want to have a kind of summary of a MP which I haven’t imported in my RMS I use the MPviewer from Boris and export it to Excel.

  • If I want to to search the MP for certain values and haven’t imported the MP in my RMS I use Silect MP Viewer Lite and save the MP as XML.
    MP2XML dumper can do the same but you need to have access to a RMS.

  • If I want to have all the monitors, rules, monitor thresholds and perfrules imported in the RMS I use the next PowerShell scripts (download via attachment):

    • GetAllMonitors.ps1

    • GetAllRules.ps1

    • GetMonitorThresholds.ps1

    • GetPerfRules.ps1
      (I am not sure where I got these scripts, one I could find an Brian Wren’s weblog, the others I don’t know anymore. I you are the author let me know)

I hope this helps you deciding which tools to use if you are looking for MP content.


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