Busy weekend

It has been a busy weekend for me which ended not so good for me. On Friday my sister got married and that same evening I got an Achilles Tendon Rupture during my soccer practice. I heard a bang an felt a sudden sharp pain as if someone has whacked me in the back of the leg. After taking some painkillers before going to bed I woke-up with quite some pain and went to the hospital. After the diagnoses Achilles Tendon Rupture I was given a cast.

It's not good. Have to get surgery tomorrow! on TwitPicIn recovery room after surgery. on TwitPic

The next day on Sunday I got operated and now I’ve to recover and take it easy for the coming weeks. Hopefully the pain will become less and maybe I’ve some time to install a new OpsMgr demo environment at home 😉

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Source: UGTV (User Group Television) Because of my Achillus Tendor Rupture I can’t do much except

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