Can Xplat monitor Linux Monitoring Device?

Source: Cnet

Plat'Home, a Linux company from Japan that specializes in combining eco-friendly, small, tough hardware with their own version of Linux, is announcing another in their series of MicroServers. Kanshi BlockS Pro, made to monitor servers and various network applications, is now available in North America.”

Picture by Plat'Home Kanshi Blocks Pro


Monitoring and Alerts
  • Server alive monitoring by ping
  • Port monitoring
  • Network device monitoring by SNMPv3
  • Network traffic, server monitoring (CPU load, physical memory, virtual memory, and hard disk load and usage) with MRTG (open software)
  • Protocol message monitoring for SMTP, POP and IMAP
  • Monitor up to 255 servers, regardless of the manufacturer
  • Two Ethernet connectors to provide surveillance over different networks, such as a dedicated line and the Internet
  • Receive scheduled status messages and emergency alerts
  • Customize notifications according to recipient (administrator, users)
  • SMTP authentication

Would it be possible to use Cross Platform Extentions to monitor this Linux monitoring box? An Linux agent for their SSD/Linux distribution should be created first 😉

SSD/Linux is the Linux distribution developed by Plat'Home, for use with the MicroServer series. The distribution is optimized to fit on a small internal ROM, while offering all necessary functions for networking and peripheral devices.

The name of the distribution is derived from its place of development, Sotokanda in Tokyo, in imitation of BSD. It is published under a BSD-style open license.

Comments (2)

  1. Anonymous says:

    255 servers max? I guess for <a href=""&gt;$1400.00</a> in a small shop with next to no monitoring it’d be alright. But it doesn’t seem like it would offer us anything more then an old desktop with MRTG, Cacti, OpenNMS, Nagios or one of the dozen other tools I can think of offhand.

    Pretty though.

  2. Anonymous says:

    XPlat is EXTREMELY cool, but you need to be able to install an "agent" on it, indeed.

    Xplay agent packages basically consist of openwsman, openpegasus AND the SCX CIM provider for openpegasus which is not YET available.

    Anyway, in the meantime you could still probably use Syslog to monitor it…

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