Sysinternals tools are now available via a Live service

Source: Doug Finke and Marc van Orsouw

The Sysinternals tools are now accessible using a direct UNC link ( \\\Tools\ ), so if your in need of a Sysinternals tool and you have an internet connection you can just type :

CD  \\\Tools\

And all the tools are at your disposal :


If you added a new function to my $profile just like Doug.

function sysinternals {CD  \\\Tools\}

How cool is this? You can just run Procmon on every machine with an internet connection without having to install the program!! Great for troubleshooting...

Comments (1)

  1. Anonymous says:

    Just thought about it. Why not create a Vista Sidebar Gadget for SysInternals Live Service.

    Anybody having some time to spare?

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