Version numbers of management packs

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Jeanie Decker wondered how the version numbers of management packs worked and a program manager explained it her. And now everybody knows 😉



“The first three sections of the version (or build) number are the version number of the Operations Manager product. In our example, 6.0.5000 = Operations Manager 2007 (RTM release). A version number of 6.0.6278 = Ops Manager 2007 Service Pack 1.

Management packs draw from the same pool of version numbers. I was expecting sequential version numbers for that specific management pack -- for example, DHCP would be version ...2, then ...3, and so on. Instead, when a management pack is going to be released, it's assigned the next available version number in the series of 6.0.5000.# or 6.0.5278.#.”

Read more on source.

If I’ve some time I’ll try to create a PowerShell script to retrieve the MP Catalog result page filtered on version. Then we know if the MP is created for OpsMgr SP1 😉

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