Tool for removing Management Packs with references to unsealed MPs

Source: Secure Vantage Team Blog

I already tried to create a PowerShell script to remove a MP with references to other unsealed MPs but due to some other things 😉 did not finish it, but now Secure Vantage has released a tool that you can use to remove override references from the MP you are trying to remove.

Steps to delete an MP when you can't due to override references in unsealed MPs.

  1. Download the InstallTool.exe provided by Secure Vantage Technologies
  2. Run the InstallTool.exe -ea (Backs up all unsealed MP to C:\Program Files\System Center Management packs\MP Backup\<MMDDYY>\* )
  3. Run the InstallTool.exe -rr SecureVantage.Security (this example removes all references to Secure Vantage MPs from unsealed MPs, must use prefix of MP ID)
  4. Review the log file created for details on next steps

    Once the overrides are removed you are still be required to manually remove the MP manifest reference by editing the XML directly.

  5. Export the Management Pack in question and open the file in a text editor
  6. You will need to remove any reference in the manifest, here is an example of what you will be removing in the case of Secure Vantage MPs. 
          <Reference Alias="SVT">
  7. Save the file and import into OpsMgr 

Keep in mind this is not a supported solution.

If you are looking for help you need to type “help” or “–help” or “–?” instead of the /? And why did they called it InstallTool? It can do much more than that…


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