OpsMgr 2007 DB sizes. Which calculator should I use?

Source: Ian Blyth – System Center Technologies

Ian has published an article about calculating the DB Sizes from OpsMgr 2007 Performance and Scalability Guide. Besides this Guide Kerrie and Cameron and Satya Vel also published about how to calculate the OpsMgr DB sizes. You can download the Excel sheet from Satya’s post and I found a Excel sheet on the System Center Operations Manager 2007 Unleashed book CD.

Ian is asking himself which one to choose? This was exactly the same question I asked Kerrie yesterday via Windows Live Messenger. Did you looked at the DB Calculator from Satya and what is the difference  between the DB calculator from you and Satya?

This was her answer:

“Hi Stefan, yes we did look at that while we were working on the book. Satya came out with his several months after ours. We take a different approach - he is basking it on the number of events collected per day (ground up). Ours took a look at the growth of the databases over time, in multiple environments. More of a top-down approach. We also include a fudge factor ..

Our calculator has been verified in numerous installations, including some by MCS consultants.”

I hope this helps 😉

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