New version of PowerShell Event Creator for Operations Manager 2007

Some month ago I created a PowerShell Event Creator and quite some people liked what I did 😉 Now Ken has made some great additions to this PS script. How cool is that?

This are the additions he made:

  1. Modification so that you can log events in any Event Log using the Source to look up which log to use
  2. Check added to ask if the user wants to create the missing Source in the Application log rather than just creating it, never know when you will msispell a source 😉
  3. Modified the question for description to also say or Params/Param[1].

I've tested it and and I like it.

You can download the new PowerShell Event Creator here.

Thanks Ken for making this PowerShell Event Creator script better!

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Marco Shaw , has published an article about how Windows PowerShell can be used with System Center Operations

  2. Anonymous says:

    Some time ago I showed you can use PowerShell to create Events for OpsMgr 2007. And according to the

  3. Anonymous says:

    i think bob is referring to events like a like logon event in the security log of a domain controller. it has a bunch of parameters. target username, target sid, target domain, logon domain, logon username, logon type, etc, etc. does this script allow us to recreate those kinds of events so we can test our scom event rules and events that speficy parameters?

    the link to the powershell event creator is broken:

  4. Anonymous says:

    Hi Bob,

    Not sure what you exactly mean with more than one incidents. Have you looked at the following blogpost?…/opsmgr-2007-parameters-explained.aspx


  5. boblippold says:

    Anyone know how to use PowerShell to write events that have more than one incidents of EventData in the Description?

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