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Today I started to move my weblog ( to a Microsoft hosted weblog ( My old weblog took quite some time to manage and needs to be upgraded. So I though why not start a new OpsMgr oriented weblog on the Microsoft Technet Blogs. Maybe Chris Scoville  will update his System Center Content Search Gadget and add me to the Blogs section 😉

So far I moved all my OpsMgr posts from this year (2008) to my new weblog and I'll keep the old weblog running for a couple of months but I'll post all my new posts to my new weblog. All the posts moved from my old weblog are dated Thursday, May 08, 2008. Sorry about that I was not able to change the publishing date to a date in the past. Does anybody knows a automated way to migrate Drupal posts to Community Server? I used Windows Live Writer as a Gateway. Probably not the best way, but could not find any other way.

What should you need to do?
If you are subscribed to my old weblog and you used the feedburner subscription ( you don't need to do anything. Otherwise update your subscription with the feedburner subscription. And if you have some links  to my old weblog please update them.

Thanks for your help.

Stefan Stranger

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