Microsoft Cross-Platform Extentions


BARRY SHILMOVER: “So as you look over on the left, the box on the top is your Operations Manager system, the one on the bottom is your UNIX or Linux environment. And there's really three components that get placed down on the box, or on the system. If you look at those Ops Manager providers, so we've written providers that then interface with the operating system, and pull information like logical disk, syslog information, physical disk, processor, both health information, as well as performance information, and configuration information.

We then surface that through OpenPegasus, which is an open source provider  sorry, open source CIM MOM that exists in the world today that a lot of the distributions ship with. The third component that we use Openwsman, which is an open source project from Intel. From there we simply communicate with WS Management off the box. We consume it into operations manager, and we can give you all the different knowledge that I've just shown you.”

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