Laura Chappell about Network Forensics

Last I week I got my portable multimedia player the Archos 604 for our  hard work and commitment throughout the year and as a device to take some training while we are traveling 😉 I immediately bought the DVR Station so I could record my favorite TV show the Sopranos. So you will probably see me looking at my Archos instead of my laptop when you see me sitting at some airport.

But because we also got this device to do some training while traveling it got preloaded with some videos and one of the videos was an Introduction To Network Forensics from Laura Chappell.

Laura Chappell is a highly energetic speaker and author of numerous industry titles on network communications, analysis, and security. Her blend of humor, personal experience, energy, and clarity in presentation has earned her a top spot as an industry speaker. In short it was very funny and interesting to watch and listen to this introduction to Network Forensics.

I believe this videocast was taken during Microsoft’s TechReady so it’s not available to non-Microsoft people but there are many more webcasts available from Laura so if you want to learn more about Network Forensics check them out.

You can also go to the Wireshark University for more info.

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