OpsMgr Video Experiment: Ask About OpsMgr question

Source: Pavleck.Net Jeremy started an OpsMgr Video Experiment called Ask About OpsMgr and I really like the idea. “I’ve been reading and hearing all over the place how complicated and difficult Operations Manager is. You’re half-right. It’s immensely complicated when compared to previous editions, and when it’s your first exposure to it. I’m aiming to…


Secure Vantage ACS Resource Kit v1.1

Source: Secure Vantage Weblog Secure Vantage has released an update to the ACS Resource Kit for the community. The ACS Resource Kit now includes a revised version of the ACS Disk Planning Calculator originally posted on System Center Forum, new database utilities for ad-hoc queries and advanced grooming, plus the ACS Visio Stencils previously posted…


New Systems Center Operations Manager 2007 SP1 Documentation

Source: Microsoft Download Center Quick Details Version: 1.7 Date Published: 12/19/2008 Language: English Download Size: 221 KB – 5.4 MB* *Download size depends on selected download components. Overview This download contains the following documentation for System Center Operations Manager 2007: Operations Manager 2007 Operations Guide: This guide is a comprehensive resource that can be used…


Blog This in Windows Live Writer

I got a question about Windows Live Writer from Rod Trent and when investigating this question I found that you can easily create blog posts when you are in Internet Explorer. How? Just go to Tools and click on Blog This in Windows Live Writer. This should also work in IE7.


Debugging OpsMgr Scripts

One of the great advantages of OpsMgr 2007 against MOM 2005 is that you can easily test OpsMgr 2007 scripts from the command prompt. Just go to the C:\Program Files\System Center Operations Manager 2007\Health Service State and open a command prompt. Type DIR /B /S *.vbs and you find all the scripts that are used…


Generating an Alert after service being stopped n-times within certain time

Scenario: The Windows NT Service of a buggy application crashes regularly and is restarted automatically with an Recovery Task. You only want to receive an Alert if this happens n-times within a specified time. Steps: Create a Basic Service Monitor which does not generate an Alert. Create a Recovery Task for the Basic Service Monitor…


New blog to add to your blogroll

Jose Rodas works at Microsoft as a Senior Support Engineer in the System Center Support Team and started to blog and will be focused in Service Management products. Add his blog to your blogroll if you need more blogs to follow ;-).


Old Blog post about Compiling commandline application for Creating and Updating Groups

Marco Shaw published a blogpost about and Advanced example using PowerShell and the OpsMgr SDK: Creating and Updating Groups and mentioned an old blog post from me which he could not find anymore. Here is that blog post from me (without the pictures) Compiling commandline application for Creating and Updating Groups Mon, 22/10/2007 – 21:32…


Answer: Operations Manager Authoring questions from SQLBatman

I saw a question of SQLBatman about Operations Manager Authoring. Here my attempt to answer those questions. Q: Referenced MP could not be found A: Search on your (Root) Management Server for *.mp files and copy all these files to one directory, like c:\Mps.  If your Authoring Console is on another machine then your (Root)…


Repost: Programmatically Check for Management Pack updates in OpsMgr 2007 R2

Repost 😉 In the Twitter world we use Retweet if you post the tweet of someone else. So why not do it with blogposts 😉 That way you can easy filter on subject. My colleague Daniele Muscetta has posted an great article about using PowerShell to Check for updates in OpsMgr 2007 R2. I wish…