MCMS tip of the day – revert posting to previous version

Most of you might have experienced the problem that a posting needs to be rolled back to a previous version – either because the author accidentily modified a wrong one or because the editor decides that the changes are not acceptable and rejects the changes. Although MCMS does provide the revision history browser to view…


MCMS tip of the day – how to avoid ugly URLs in MCMS

There are two different reasons for ugly URL’s on in presentation mode: when using Webauthor and switching to live site when doing a postback in on a form to send data to the server. The following articles discuss different ways to address this:


MCMS Tip of the day – quick things to check when you experience high memory levels in ASP.NET

Michael Graham has written a great article about quick troubleshooting for high memory ASP.NET issues: The only point I don’t agree with – in context with MCMS – is about process recylcling. For MCMS it is very bad if the worker process gets recycled as this ensures that the MCMS memory cache gets invalidated and…


MCMS tip of the day – custom properties for every object

Ever thought about adding custom properties to resource galleries or resource gallery items? Then you will have noticed that MCMS does not support this. Andrew Connell a MCMS MVPs has written a nice and very flexible solution for this problem:


MCMS tip of the day – creating printer friendly version of your MCMS postings

A common requested feature is to add a link to a posting to show the posting in a printer ready manner where tables are removed or reformatted and the layout better fits to a printed page. A great article covering different ways to achieve this is covered in the following article from Luke:


MCMS tip of the day – demo site for MCMS and Connector for SharePoint technologies

MCMS ships with a single sample site: Woodgrove. But neither MCMS nor the Connector contains a ready to use sample site for the SharePoint Connector stuff. But on GotDotNet there is actually a demo site for Microsoft Content Management Server, with or without the Connector for SharePoint Technologies. It includes the following: Basic CMS authoring, editing,…


MCMS tip of the day – using standard Toolbar dialogs in custom placeholder controls

When developing a custom placeholder control an often requested feature is to be able to utilize the standard web author dialogs. E.g. if you need to implement a placeholder control that should allow the user to pick one or many resource gallery items or to add a hyperlink to a posting or channel. The placeholder…


MCMS tip of the day – recovering deleted resources

Ever had the problem that you needed to do housekeeping on your MCMS database? Lots of space is often used by resources in resource galleries. So a good idea is to ensure that only used resource gallery items keep stored in the database. MCMS does not provide a public API to identify which resources are…


MCMS tip of the day – mapping two host names to the same channel

After enabling the “map channel name to host header name” feature in MCMS you quickly will run into the problem that the only way to access your web site from now on will be to use the configured hostname – means the name of the root channel. This can cause serious problems in case you…