Stefan Goßner

Senior Escalation Engineer for SharePoint Products and Technologies

Countdown for MCMS 2002 and SPS 2003

Are you still running CMS 2002? Or SPS 2003? There was a lot of hype on Windows XP going out of support on April 8th but be aware that there are other products as well – including CMS 2002 and SPS 2003 which will go out of support on April 8th. Other products running out… Read more

Important Out-of-band security update to address ASP.NET issue will be released today

Cross posting info about an important update for ASP.NET which will address an issue that affects all ASP.NET applications including SharePoint and MCMS. [cross post from Microsoft Security Response Center blog] Today we provided advance notification to customers that we will release an out-of-band security update to address the vulnerability discussed in Security Advisory 2416728…. Read more


This is a collection of questions and answers about Microsoft® Content Management Server (MCMS) gathered from the MCMS newsgroup. MCMS 2002 FAQ – Table of Contents Administration Architecture Authoring Connector Clustering DCA Debugging General Installation Migration Performance Publishing API ASP Publishing API ASP.NET SCA Search Security and Rights SharePoint Portal Server Integration Site Deployment Site… Read more

Code Samples

As some of you already noticed: GotDotNet is now down and the code samples previously hosted there have been migrated to the MSDN code gallery. For your convenience here are links to all my code samples: SharePoint  CDInfoThis tool allows to gather information about the configuration of content deployment in a farm.That includes the content… Read more

Easy way to request hotfixes from Microsoft Support

In the past I have heard lots of complaints that it is required to open a support case just to receive a hotfix from Microsoft. A colleague just pointed me to a new webform which allows customers to request a hotfix without calling Microsoft support:;en;1410&WS=hotfix… Read more

Issues reported with the MCMS security update (updated: 17.04.2007)

Customers reported the following problems with the MCMS security update: Issue 1 Symptoms: Resource Gallery Items show up as red-X after installing the update the DCA does not start Site Manager won’t start and throws an error indicating a missing satellite dll (NrMsgRes.dll) when done locally. Site Deployment results in an unspecified XML parser error… Read more