Automatically cleanup placeholder content after resource gallery items have been deleted

A problem I have been confronted serveral times is that authors have problems to save pages because the content of the page is refering to a resource gallery item that has been deleted in the past. Usually deleting such resource gallery items should not happen as this means that the site contains broken images or…


Update for the MCMS SSL Http Module (last updated: July 3rd, 2004)

I received some feedback about my CmsSslHttpModule. Some tried to use this module together with my CmsNiceUrlHttpModule. The result: when the CmsSslHttpModule switches between http and https the URLs did not change to the friendly URLs. I analyzed the problem and found a workaround. The code below is an adjusted version of the CmsSslHttpModule which…


Replacement for HtmlPlaceholderControl

The HtmlPlaceholderControl shipped with MCMS is often not satisfying for users. Microsoft now sponsors the powerful Telerik r.a.d. editor control. See here for details:


Upcoming SharePoint webcasts

Microsoft Office SharePoint Portal Server 2003 and TechNet Present: The Summer of SharePoint – Webcast Series: Migration, Deployment, Integration and Customization Get in-depth information on SharePoint Portal Server 2003 deployment, migration, integration and customization during May and June. This series of webcasts, presented by Microsoft subject matter experts and partners, is designed to help you…


Solving the "ugly" URL issue for Mac clients – Last Updated: June 22nd, 2006

I have already posted two articles about how to solve the “ugly” URL problem. In the last article I discussed a solution based on a custom http module which does all the necessary checks and adjustments. But one issue is still unsolved: Internet Explorer on Mac has an ugly bug then whenever the “action” property…


Microsoft Solution for Internet Business 2.5 went live

Microsoft® Solution for Internet Business (MSIB) is an integrated solution that uses high-quality Microsoft® Windows Server System™ servers to provide end-to-end processes and features for sophisticated Internet sites. OverviewMSIB addresses emerging business models that have evolved from relatively simple structures of linked HTML pages to complex, feature-rich applications. MSIB provides content management, automates business processes…


Dinner with the “Scobleizer”

Today I had a chance to meet Robert Scoble and his wife Maryam for dinner at his house. Robert invited me after he found one of my blogs about the tour I plan to do with my girlfriend Michaela in the next couples of week. Robert, if you are “listening”: thanks a lot to you…


Enumerating Posting and Channel properties

Have some of you have also been bothered by the fact that MCMS does not provide an enumeration method for Posting and Channel properties? Or for some of the other MCMS objects like Resources, Resource Galleries, Template or Template Galleries? Such a feature would be pretty interesting if you (e.g.) create a generic server or…