Creating scalable applications using the CmsApplicationContext

MCMS context objects are not really designed for long running scenarios. Usually long running application need to take care on releasing unused resources and do housekeeping. Unfortunatelly MCMS context objects do not have such features implemented. Allocated resources are only released when the MCMS context is destroyed. From a historical point of view this is…


New MCMS article live on MSDN

A new MCMS article is live on MSDN: Enabling SSL Protection on MCMS Sites Complete list of all available Articles, Whitepapers and other useful stuff can be found here.


Blogmap – do you know who blogs in your neighborhood?

Through Angus I just got pointed to Blogmap which allows you to see where individual bloggers are geographically located. Would you like to see where I’m located and who else in my area is blogging? Then have a look here:


Dealing with links to deleted resources

A common problem is that a resource gallery items might be deleted which is still being used in some postings. On the live site this will cause broken images and/or attachments and during authoring non-Administrators will see an error message. To resolve this problem all links to the deleted resource gallery items have to be…


Just preordered the new Harry Potter book!

I just took the chance to place a preorder for Harry Potter and the Half-Blood-Prince, the new Harry Potter book which will become available in July. Nice tidbit: they offer 40% savings on preorders!


Guy Barrette Reviews Building Websites with Microsoft Content Management Server

Guy Barrette, a Business Architect in the Microsoft Team at Nurun in Montreal, a Microsoft Regional Director for the Montreal region and an MVP for ASP/ASP.NET reviews Building Websites with Microsoft Content Management Server on Universal Thread Magazine! Here’s a snippet of the review: “This is the perfect book to learn MCMS. The writing style…


Vote in the .NETDJ Reader’s Choice Award

Building Websites with Microsoft Content Management Server has made it to the list of nominees for the .NETDJ Reader’s Choice Award 2005! Cast your Vote here!  


Two new MCMS articles live on MSDN

Two new MCMS articles are live on MSDN: Inside MCMS: How Content Management Server 2002 Processes Pages Setting Up a Shared Development Environment in MCMS 2002


Interesting article on web site protection against hacker

Today I was pointed to an article with a very interesting easy approach to protect a web site against hackers:


Next Version of IT Hit MCMS Web Author Enhancement

IT Hit is currently developing next version of MCMS WAE. It will include many new features as well as bug fixes and integration with Teleric r.a.d. editor MCMS Edition v2.0. WAE v2.0 will significantly change the look and fill of MCMS Web Author making it more convenient to manage tree structures and resources. It also…