November 2017 CU for SharePoint 2013 product family is available for download

The product group released the November 2017 Cumulative Update for the SharePoint 2013 product family.

For November 2017 CU we have full server packages (also known as Uber packages). No other CU is required to fully patch SharePoint.

As this is a common question: Yes, November 2017 CU includes all fixes from November 2017 PU.


Be aware that all Updates for SharePoint 2013 require SharePoint Server 2013 SP1 to be installed first.

Please also have a look at the article that discusses how to properly patch a SharePoint 2013 farm which has Search enabled (see below).

Previous releases of the SharePoint Server 2013 cumulative update included both the executable and the .CAB file in the same self-extracting executable download. Because of the file size, the SharePoint Server 2013 package has been divided into several separate downloads. One contains the executable file, while the others contain the CAB file. All are necessary and must be placed in the same folder to successfully install the update. All are available by clicking the same Hotfix Download Available link in the KB article for the release.

This CU includes all SharePoint 2013 fixes (including all SharePoint 2013 security fixes) released since SP1. The CU does not include SP1. You need to install SP1 before installing this CU.

The KB articles for November 2017 CU should be available at the following locations in a couple of hours:

  • KB 4011248 - SharePoint Foundation 2013 November 2017 CU
  • KB 4011251 - SharePoint Server 2013 November 2017 CU
  • KB 4011249 - Project Server 2013 November 2017 CU
  • KB 4011247 - Office Web Apps Server 2013 November 2017 CU

The Full Server Packages for November 2017 CU are available through the following links:

Important: If your farm has been on a patch level lower than July 2015 CU: July 2015 CU and later contains a breaking change compared to earlier builds which requires running the SharePoint 2013 Products Configuration Wizard on each machine in the farm right after installing the CU.
If you don't run PSCONFIG after installing this CU (on a farm which had a lower patch level than July 2015 CU) crawl might no longer work - so ensure to schedule a maintenance window when installing this CU which includes PSCONFIG runs.
See here for detail:

Be aware that the SharePoint Server 2013 CU contains the SharePoint Foundation 2013 CU. And the Project Server 2013 CU also contains the SharePoint Server 2013 CU and SharePoint Foundation 2013 CU.

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Comments (10)

  1. spadmin says:

    It seems the first 12 “fixed issues” for SharePoint Server 2013 November 2017 CU are the same thing? “Assume that you have Microsoft Office Web Apps Server 2013 installed. In the on-premises version of Microsoft Office Word Online 2013 and Microsoft Office PowerPoint Online 2013, decimal values are truncated unexpectedly in a chart axis or data label.”

    Is that correct?

    1. Hi,
      the first 12 KB articles are for different parts of the product. SharePoint 2013 consists of more than 30 packets. For this specific fix 12 of these packets had to be updated. If you like you can always install the individual packages – but that means to have more than 30 packages updated separately.
      To reduce the effort we have the uber or server packages which are listed in my blog. Still the KB for the uber packages always links to the individual KBs of the individual patches.

      1. spadmin says:

        Thanks for the explaination. You are the best source for info on SharePoint patches!

  2. Jeff Amann says:

    Hi Stefan,

    We just installed the November 2017 CU, and now we cannot open Office documents by clicking a link in a SharePoint site. IE asks if you want to open the document or cancel. Clicking Open returns this message from Word:

    [i] Could not open ‘https://site/filename.docx’.

    I am able to copy the document URL, paste it into Word’s Open dialog box, and it returns the same message. I am able to right-click the document’s hyperlink, choose “Save target as,” and then open the document using Word. I can paste the URL into Wordpad, and the document opens. The file is also downloaded right away in Chrome when clicking the hyperlink.

    Do you have any ideas? We have had a Sev A case open with Premier Support since yesterday morning. It seems as the the same thing may be happening to someone else based on

    Thank you for any insight you can provide.


    1. Hi Jeff,
      sorry – I haven’t seen that so far and cannot provide further insights.

      1. Hi Piotr,
        thanks for the link.
        That means the config wizard has not been run or PSConfig was run without all the relevant switches.
        I tested on my box and found that the config wizard correctly copies the relevant dll to the _app_bin directory.

        1. Martijn Helder says:

          I always start the configuration wizard (GUI) just by running it as administrator from the start menu, will that suffice?

          1. Hi Martijn,
            ensure that the user you are using follows the guidance in this article under “Setup user administrator account”.

    2. Hi Jeff,
      this will happen if psconfig.exe was run without “-cmd applicationcontent -install” parameter. In this case the files in the _app_bin directory of the web application are not updated.
      Please ensure to use the complete command as outlined here after all SharePoint fixes:

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