SharePoint security fixes released with August 2017 PU and offered through Microsoft Update

As I received some feedback that I should also add the Urls to the KB articles of the different security fixes I added this information to my blog post.

SharePoint 2007 Suite:

  • none

SharePoint 2010 Suite:

  • KB 2956077 - SharePoint Server 2010 (core components)
  • none

SharePoint 2013 Suite:

  • none

SharePoint 2016 Suite:

  • none

See the Security Update Guide below for more details about the relevant fixes:

More information:

Comments (4)

  1. Stefan says:

    August 2017 PU? Did you mean CU?

    1. No.
      The PU (public update) refers to the fixes pushed to your machine through Microsoft Update (usually security fixes). The CU contains all fixes from the PU plus other non-security fixes.
      The CU has to be installed manually.

  2. Stephmen says:

    We are used to install the security patches for Word and Excel on ours SharePoint 2010 environments and correct me if I am wrong but these security patches do not required us to run the “SharePoint Products Configuration Wizzard”.

    Do we need to run the “SharePoint Products Configuration Wizzard” for the current Security Patch KB 2956077 – SharePoint Server 2010 (core components)

    1. Hi Stephmen,
      of course you only have to run the SharePoint config wizard for SharePoint fixes.
      And there is not a single SharePoint fix which would not require the config wizard.

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