SharePoint security fixes released with March 2017 PU and offered through Microsoft Update

SharePoint 2007 Suite:

  • Excel Services for SharePoint 2007

SharePoint 2010 Suite:

  • Excel Services for SharePoint 2010
  • Word Automation Services for SharePoint 2010
  • Office Web Apps 2010

SharePoint 2013 Suite:

  • SharePoint Foundation 2013
  • Excel Services for SharePoint 2013
  • Office Web Apps 2013

SharePoint 2016 Suite:

  • none

See the security bulletin below for more details and KB number for the relevant fixes:

Comments (30)

  1. patrick says:

    Hi Stefan,
    Do we need to install the Sharepoint Foundation security update also even if we are running SharePoint server 2013?

    1. Of course!
      SharePoint Foundation is an integral part of SharePoint Server.
      Security fixes for SharePoint Foundation are also required for SharePoint server.


      1. patrick says:

        But when I applied March 2017 security update ( there are 2 updates) I only see Security Update for Microsoft SharePoint Enterprise Server 2013 (KB3172431) and not the Security Update for Microsoft SharePoint Foundation 2013 (KB3172540) in installed update under programs & features.

        1. All three fixes are required for SP2013. If it did not get installed you should install it manually.

          1. patrick says:

            All three? Are you including the office web app security update as well to the list of three?

          2. Yes, sorry! For SharePoint only two. The third is for web apps.

      2. patrick says:

        Thanks for your help. And I believe the process and patches installation for CU and Service packs remains same. As in we have to install SharePoint foundation CUs and then install the Sharepoint server CUs right?

        1. Hi Patrick,
          you never have to install the foundation CU on a SharePoint server. At least not when using the links on my blog which point to the Uber packages.
          The SharePoint Server Uber packages include as well the Foundation and the Server fixes.
          Same applies to service packs.

  2. patrick says:

    Thanks Stefan, Crystal clear now!

  3. Dominic says:

    Anyone else having trouble with Web parts “Unable to display this Web Part.” since installing this patch? Some on our site work while others do not.

    1. Hi Dominic,
      this sounds like a known problem introduced with December 2016 CU.
      The current plan is to fix this issue in April 2017 CU.

      1. Sunil Kishan says:

        Is there a fix available for “Unable to display this Web Part.” since installing this patch other than waiting for April CU?

        1. Rajesh GP says:

          Hi Sunil, Even we are having the same issue after installing KB317431/Kb3172540
          , did you find any solution or did any latest CU resolved it. we are planning on June 2017. hope it is fixed

      2. Dominic says:

        Stefan can you provide a link to the issue you reference from Dec? I appreciate your reply and assistance.


        1. Hi Dominic,
          afaik there is not public information about this.

  4. Marcel says:

    Hey Stefan,
    is it important to install all updates or can I just install this one? My SharePoint Build is 4327 and I really don’t want to install all patches, because it’s pretty time consuming.


    1. Hi Marcel,
      you can just install the March security fix of course – but it means that other security issues will not be fixed.

      1. Piotr Siódmak says:

        So security fixes from windows update are not cumulative?

        1. Hi Piotr,

          all SharePoint fixes are cumulative.
          But there are no uber packages for security fixes which would included fixes from other components of SharePoint patched through earlier security fixes.
          See here for details:


        2. Just to add: SharePoint fixes are distributed through Microsoft Update – not through Windows Update.

  5. Sunil Kishan says:

    Has anyone faced any issues with Office Web-Apps. I’m not able to open a few libraries via OWA whereas other libraries work fine

    1. Pat says:

      I work with Sunil. Little more info. After the March 2017 security patches, if there is a space in the url of a library, OWA will not load the doc. So sites that look like “My Cool Site”, don’t work, whereas “MyCoolSite” does. Event log error snip

      “..Exception information:
      Exception type: FileNotFoundException
      Exception message: 0x80070002There is no Web named “/site/subsite/My Site/_layouts/15/WopiFrame.aspx”..”

      Notice the space.

  6. Yier says:

    Hi Stefan,
    Do you know the information about SP2 ? When will SP2 release?
    Now our server farm are still keep on SP1, no any CU and hotfix installed because the maintenance cost…

    1. Hi Yier,
      SP2 has not been announced and there is no public information available if there will be a SP2 or not.

  7. Eric says:

    Hi Stefan,
    Do I need to run config wizard after security fixes installed? Do you have a list of all released security fixes through windows update?

    1. Hi Eric,
      there is not a single SharePoint fix which would not require PSConfig.
      So: yes.
      Regarding your second question: no I don’t have such a list.

  8. Sunil Kishan says:

    Hi Stefan, after installing this update we are seeing issues with OWA on some of the sites. if there is a space in the url of the site (ex: http://abc/sites/xy%20z/ (space between xy and z), then OWA is not working on all the libraries of that specific site. Users can upload/download/check-in/check-out the documents but cannot open the documents via OWA. Is there a hotfix available for this issue?

    1. Hi Sunil,
      please open a support case with Microsoft to ensure that this can be analyzed.

      1. Sunil Kishan says:

        Thanks Stefan.

  9. Ron Weist says:

    I needed to install Visual Basic to create a more involved Workflow than the current overly basic-workflow system could handle. I tried to NOT install it on the SharePoint server, but a popup told me that it needed be be on a SharePoint server to work (makes no sense, but what do I know). I needed to upgrade and install many packages on the SharePoint 2013 server to get the install to work. Now my SharePoint site almost comes up. It seems to be a permission error as some of the management pieces continually prompt me for the Administrator password, which I am inputting correctly and the URL that I connect to has changed from http://sharepoint01:8443 to http://localhost:8443. However, there is also an error popup that does complain about Updates here and Updates there, everywhere an Update.

    I would hate to go back one month to my baseline clone, and I feel lucky that this is not a production system…yet. Doesn’t anyone test this stuff at MS before releasing? Some people actually depend on SharePoint for their businesses to operate. Any hints?

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