SharePoint 2013 and SQL Server 2016

A common question we receive is whether SharePoint 2013 is supported with SQL Server 2016.

The answer here is clear: SharePoint 2013 is NOT supported with SQL Server 2016.

Only the following SQL Server versions are supported with SharePoint 2013:

  • The 64-bit edition of SQL Server 2008 R2 Service Pack 1
  • The 64-bit edition of SQL Server 2012
  • The 64-bit edition of SQL Server 2014

There are currently no plans to add support for SQL Server 2016.

See here for more details on this topic:

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  1. Andy says:

    Hi Stefan,

    Great article.
    How about SharePoint 2016 on SQL Server 2016?


    1. Hi Andy,
      SharePoint 2016 is supported with Microsoft SQL Server 2016 RTM (and also with 64 Bit Edition of Microsoft SQL Server 2014 Service Pack 1).
      See here for Details:

  2. Andy says:

    Thanks a lot Stefan,
    May I bother you with one more question?
    Is SQL Server 2008 R2 CU3 supported with SharePoint 2010 SP1 ?

    Thanks a lot for your help.


    1. Hi Andy,
      that should be supported.

  3. Carol says:

    Does SP2016 support content deployment? Thank you.

  4. Elton Oliveira says:


    Would it be a problem to deploy the SharePoint Server 2013 on SQL Server 2016 by using the compatibility level with SQL Server 2014 SQL Server feature (Production/Development environments)? Taking advantage of this for the natural subsequent question: what about SPS2010 on MSSQLSERVER2014 with MSSQLSERVER2012 compatibility level?

    1. Hi Elton,
      sorry – that is unsupported.
      It is the product version that counts – not the compatibility level.

  5. Chris says:

    Thanks for the great information. Another compatibility question: is SharePoint 2013 supported on Windows Server 2016. I have not seen any official statement to the effect that it is either supported or not supported. Thanks. Chris

    1. Hi Chris,

      the supported OS versions are stated here:

      “We only support the 64-bit edition of Windows Server 2008 R2 Service Pack 1 (SP1) Standard, Enterprise, or Datacenter or the 64-bit edition of Windows Server 2012 Standard or Datacenter.”

      The last info I got on this topic is that there are currently no plans to support SharePoint 2013 on Windows Server 2016.


      1. Just being a nitpicker – how about Windows Server 2012 R2? That isn’t officially supported for SharePoint 2013?

        1. Hi Henning,
          indeed SharePoint 2013 RTM does not support it. Support for Windows Server 2012 R2 has been added SharePoint 2013 with SP1 (the slipstream builds available on VLSC and MSDN):


          1. I see – I would have expected to see this information in the TechNet article you mentioned above as well, as this would be my first-stop-shop for such informations

          2. Indeed. It seems to be an oversight that this article has not been updated.
            I will open a change request for the article to ensure that it includes this information.

  6. Bryan says:

    Is SharePoint 2016 compatible with SQL 2016?

  7. shivraj says:

    sharepoint 2013 is supported to win server 2016

  8. Isabel says:

    Hi Stefan,

    For the SQL Server 2016, we found that there was a new build SP1 (, we are confusing that if this new SQL Server 2016 SP1 can support SharePoint 2013
    Thanks in advance!

    1. SharePoint 2013 only supports the SQL versions listed in my post above. SQL Server 2016 (independent from the service pack level) is not supported.

      1. Wurstsalat says:

        Dont like what i read 🙂

        while Dynamics ax 2013 R3 Added Support for SQL 2016, it still stucks at SharePoint 2013 Support (and wont be added in future)…but SharePoint 2013 is stuck on SQL 2014 :/
        Would great to participate in a whole of the new Features of SQL 2016 and dont have to choose between the versions

        1. SharePoint 2016 supports Windows Server 2016 and SQL Server 2016.
          So upgrading to the most current version of SharePoint would fulfill your wishes.

  9. BigPhil says:

    You state that SharePoint 2013 is not supported on SQL Server 2016, but I cannot see any reasons why. Is it just that it has not been thoroughly tested on 2016, or are there aspects of 2016 functionality which break SharePoint 2013?

    1. Hi Phil,
      SharePoint 2013 has not been tested on SQL Server 2016 so we don’t have any info what works and what will break.
      Therefore using SharePoint 2013 on SQL Server 2016 is unsupported.

  10. Mike K says:

    This is out of date. I see plenty of pages saying it is supported by Microsoft and they are Microsoft pages.

    1. Please show me one.

        1. SharePoint 2013 can work with SQL Reporting Services from SQL 2016. But SharePoint 2013 databases are unsupported on SQL 2016.

  11. Hi Stefan!
    I have a Windows Server 2012 R2 Standard with a default instance and common components of SQL Server 2016. I would additional install a named instance e.g. SHAREPOINT on SQL Server 2012. Is it possible to run SharePoint 2013 on this named SQL instance SHAREPOINT?

    1. Hi Georg,
      it is possible but recommended to use an alias for this. The benefit is that you can later switch to a different SQL server or SQL server instance by just changing the alias configuration and without the need to reconfigure Sharepoint

  12. Ben says:

    Sorry to ask…

    Can Sharepoint 2013’s database reside on SQL 2014 but on a 2016 Server?

    So web front end and applications would be 2012r2 but the database would run on 2014 SQL instance sat on a 2016 server.

    1. Hi Ben,
      the windows server version of SQL server is not relevant to SharePoint. As long as the Windows version is supported with the SQL version it is fine.

      1. Ben says:

        Thank you for such a quick reply here. My gold partner re-seller is telling me otherwise! Much appreciated.

  13. Aakash Jethva says:

    Hello Stefan,

    Is SQL Server 2012 SP4 supported with SharePoint Server 2013 August 2013 CU?

    1. Hi Aakash,
      SharePoint Server 2013 August 2013 CU is unsupported since April 14th, 2015 – independent from the SQL patch level – as this means that Service Pack 1 of SharePoint 2013 has not been installed.

      1. Aakash Jethva says:

        Thanks Stefan for Quick response.
        So, if we upgrade SharePoint to SP1 then will SQL Server 2012 SP4 be supported?

        1. Hi Aakash,
          for now yes: but support for SP1 will shortly on April 10th, 2018.
          So you better upgrade to SP1 plus April 2017 CU for SharePoint 2013.

  14. Hi Stefan,

    Good Day

    Please tell me we have upgraded SQL server of our SharePoint 2013 from SQL 2012 to SQL 2016. Now our all web applications are working except 1. Can you explain is SQL supported now? How come all are working except 1 is not working?

    1. Hi Abdul,
      SQL 2016 is unsupported with SharePoint 2013 and that will not change.
      You need to upgrade to SP2016 or SP2019 to get support for SQL 2016.

      1. Thank you Stefan for clear cut clarification. Thanks alot 🙂

        Abdul Mannan Nasir

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