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The SharePoint product group is listening to your suggestions! In order to pass your suggestion to the product group just enter it on SharePoint Uservoice. Here you as user can also review suggestions from other customers and you can help to promote ideas by voting on them - other customers can also vote on your suggestions.

The SharePoint product group is constantly reviewing the feedback given on UserVoice to see how you as customers are using SharePoint and which roadblocks you are hitting and they use this feedback in future planning of the product to ensure that these roadblocks are removed wherever possible.

Here is the link to the SharePoint uservoice forum:

Comments (10)

  1. Andre-OL says:

    It would be great if I Change the Content type of a document from A to B, the minor versions also get the new Content type “B”. So it would`t be so complicated to delete a list Content type because of the error message “Content type is in use” and the user don´t get the document in which this Content type is in use…

    1. Hi Andre,
      seems you missed the point: you need to enter your suggestion in uservoice – not as a comment to my blog.

  2. erik tremblay says:


    3 years ago, users could add a link in a library to an external document using format File://\\ServerName\Folder
    But it would seem an update (SP or CU) may have broken this functionality. Now we have to perform manual customizations in core sharepoint files to get it to work. Would it be possible for Microsoft to look into what broke this feature and re-enable it?

    There are websites that describe how to get it to work. Example website: “”

    Thank you for looking into this for us.


    1. Hi Erik,
      please use the link in the post to go to the uservoice forum to post your suggestions.

  3. Kelly Linton-Selkirk says:

    How to work with recurring calendar events. User is requesting leave on a form and submitting for approval. Managers approval task does not show recurrence information. Export calendar event to outlook and end date and duration are not set correctly. How can we resolve these issues?

    1. Hi Kelly,
      I would suggest to open a support case with Microsoft to get this analyzed.

  4. David Belliotti says:

    SharePoint allows you to view all the Alerts for a user. It would be useful if I could look at all users who get an alert for a specific Alert Title. This would allow me, for example, to see who all gets an alert for a when a document is added/changed in a library.

    1. Hi David,
      for feature suggestions for SharePoint, please use the UserVoice forum:

  5. John Guilbert says:

    Hi Stefan,
    I think you guys should have a breadcrumb nav for a document library.
    Reason I say this is we are constantly getting users lost in “hyperspace” when trying to navigate deep folders. So when a webpart document library is added to a page it has it’s own breadcrumb nav.

    1. Hi John,
      please add your suggestion here:

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