May 2015 CU for SharePoint 2013 has been released

The product group released the May 2015 Cumulative Update for the SharePoint 2013 product family.

For May 2015 CU we have full server packages (also known as Uber packages). No other CU is required to fully patch SharePoint.


May CU solves the problem with the different SP1 baselines introduced in April CU. May CU can be installed as well on the old and on the new SP1 baseline!

Another issue that is resolved in May CU is that the server proofing tools no longer have to be updated separately. They are included in the relevant server packages listed below.

Be aware that all Updates for SharePoint 2013 require SharePoint Server 2013 SP1 to be installed first.

Please also have a look at the article that discusses how to properly patch a SharePoint 2013 farm which has Search enabled (see below).

Previous releases of the SharePoint Server 2013 cumulative update included both the executable and the .CAB file in the same self-extracting executable download. Because of the file size, the SharePoint Server 2013 package has been divided into several separate downloads. One contains the executable file, while the others contain the CAB file. All are necessary and must be placed in the same folder to successfully install the update. All are available by clicking the same Hotfix Download Available link in the KB article for the release.

This CU includes all SharePoint 2013 fixes released since SP1. The CU does not include SP1. You need to install SP1 before installing this CU.

The KB articles for May CU are available at the following locations:

  • KB 3039747 - SharePoint Foundation 2013 May 2015 CU
  • KB 3039780 - SharePoint Server 2013 May 2015 CU
  • KB 3039753 - SharePoint Server 2013 with Project Server May 2015 CU
  • KB 3039748 - Office Web Apps Server 2013 May 2015 CU - This is also a security fix!

The Full Server Packages for May 2015 CU are available through the following links:

After installing the fixes you need to run the SharePoint 2013 Products Configuration Wizard on each machine in the farm.

Be aware that the SharePoint Server 2013 CU contains the SharePoint Foundation CU. And the SharePoint Server 2013 with Project Server CU contains Project Server CU, SharePoint Server CU and SharePoint Foundation CU.

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Comments (50)

  1. Anonymous says:

    A couple of customers already ran into this issue: if you created your farm based on the SharePoint 2013

  2. Dominique says:

    Hello Stefan. Is MS15-047/KB3054792 really included in May 2015 CU/KB3039780 ? because KB3039780 article revision 1.0 does mention thnat the CU include se different fixes in MS15-046 but does not state that MS15-047 is also included ?
    Thank you in advance

  3. Piotr Siódmak says:

    The Foundation KB (3039747) lists SharePoint Server update (KB3039703) as one of its components. Does that mean that Foundation gets Server (higher SKU) bits, or is it just article naming and has nothing to do with SKU?

  4. Piotr Siódmak says:

    Also FYI: Duet Enterprise also got an update (not sure if it's considered an Office product, but it's SharePoint related) – but they didn't write what they changed

  5. Hi Piotr,
    coreserverloc is part of SharePoint foundation and SharePoint server. It contains (e.g.) part of the search components which are part of Foundation and of SharePoint Server.
    So the SharePoint foundation CU contains this package. The article is correct.

  6. Hi Dominique,

    KB3054792 is the sts2013 component which is included in the following packages above:
    – KB 3039747 – SharePoint Foundation 2013 May 2015 CU
    – KB 3039780 – SharePoint Server 2013 May 2015 CU
    – KB 3039753 – SharePoint Server 2013 with Project Server May 2015 CU


  7. Paul S says:

    Does the May CU contain the security patches from April as well? We were unable to install them because of the SP1 version….

  8. Hi Paul,
    yes – the packages of April PU are included in May CU and also in May PU.

  9. Include fix for Task List Filtering Issue? says:

    Stefan – does this CU include a fix for the issue involving Task lists, where filtering doesn't work? This issue appears to have been introduced by the March 2015 CU. It's discussed here:

  10. Yes, the task list filtering issue is fixed with May CU.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Ya tenemos disponibles las actualizaciones acumuladas para SharePoint 2010 y SharePoint 2013 correspondientes

  12. Anonymous says:

    Buenas, Ya se ha liberado (segundo martes de mes) la Actualización Pública para Project 2013 y Project

  13. Issue in SharePoint Search after May 2015 CU says:

    After have I Installed the May 2015 CU for SharePoint 2013 I have found a bug inside the search refinements. which is based on the language setting for Germany.

    The refinement uses the wrong delimiter (German) namely: "," instead of a "." makes a error inside the search:

    Miete:range(decimal(150,00), decimal(00600,)) —> Microsoft.Ceres.InteractionEngine.Processing.BuiltIn.InvalidRefinementException: Unable to parse refinement for input: Miete:range(decimal(150,00), decimal(600,00)) —> Microsoft.Ceres.InteractionEngine.Processing.BuiltIn.Parsing.ParseException:
    Query 'Miete:range(decimal(150,00), decimal(600,00))' failed: syntax error
    at position 23, unexpected COMMA, expecting RPAR

    What is the fastest way to get support on this issue?

  14. Please open a support ticket with Microsoft using the method specified in your contract to engage Microsoft support services.

  15. Gabriel Mafra says:

    Hello Stefan,

    I'm having an issue to install this update, my farm has SP1 and September CU installed, however, when i try to run the Update, it says that "this app can't run on your PC"

    Any idea why?

    Thanks in advance!

  16. Hi Gabriel,
    sounds as if the package you downloaded is corrupt. Please try to download again.

  17. Gabriel Mafra says:

    Hello Stefan,

    Indeed one of the package was corrupted, i have download it correctly but now i get another error: "The expected version of the product was not found on the system"

    I used your script to get the patch level of the Sharepoint Products i have installed and found this:

    DisplayName : Microsoft SharePoint Server 2013
    DisplayVersion : 15.0.4571.1502

    DisplayName : Language Pack for SharePoint and Project Server 2013 – German/Deutsch
    DisplayVersion : 15.0.4420.1017

    I assume the problem is on the Language Pack, however, i could not find where i can get the update for it.

    Would you not where it is?


  18. alex says:

    Hi Stefan,

    I applied the SharePoint updates available through Windows Update to my farm and have a build number now for the May 2015 CU (15.0.4719.1000). I'm new to patching and am wondering, since I have this build number, is there no need to install the CU itself? Should
    I have installed the CU instead of the Windows Update, would that have been a preferred method? If I understand things right, the May CU would have had the updates I installed in it (and perhaps more)?



  19. Hi Alex,
    something like a farm build number does not exist.
    SharePoint consists of dozends of components and each can potentially have a different patch level.
    I have explained all the details related to your question in the following article:

  20. Luis Carvalho says:

    Hello Stefan,

    I am having problems installing this May CU. Even though the update is installed and a reboot is done after installation, when I run psconfig, it fails with the following message:

    An exception of type Microsoft.SharePoint.PostSetupConfiguration.PostSetupConfig
    urationTaskException was thrown. Additional exception information: The upgrade command is invalid or a failure has been encountered.

    I have the followed the procedure to stop the following services, since search is installed in my one server farm:




    when i run (get-spfarm).buildversion, I get the following results:

    Major Minor Build Revision
    —– —– —– ——–
    15 0 4719 1000

    Do I need any CU before this, or SP1 (slipstreamed though) is enough?

    Many thanks

  21. Hi Luis,
    if fixes would have been required you would not have been able to install the fix.
    The issue you ran into looks like a problem in your specific farm.
    I would recommend to open a support case with Microsoft in case you cannot resolve it yourself.

  22. Horatiu A. says:

    Ran into the same issue to install May CU "The expected version of the product was not found on the system"
    Would language service pack upgrade fix this?

    Currently we have
    DisplayName : Microsoft SharePoint Server 2013
    DisplayVersion : 15.0.4569.1506

    DisplayName : Language Pack for SharePoint and Project Server 2013 –
    DisplayVersion : 15.0.4420.1017

  23. Hi Horatiu,
    SP1 for the french language pack is missing.
    You can download it from here:

  24. Horatiu A. says:

    Stefan, you're awesome. Appreciate the quick answer!

  25. Csaba says:

    Hi Stefan,

    Still the same old issue here when deploying to Project Server. Upgrade wizard fails at the end with error: There was no endpoint listening at http://localhost:32843/SecurityTokenServiceApplicaiton/securitytoken.svc.that could accept the message.

    Workaround: start IIS with iisreset /start from another cmd instance at the second step (Performing configuration task 2 of 4)

    Best regards,

  26. Cyndi says:

    We have a small SharePoint 2013 farm, everything is on one server, except for Office Web Apps 2013 server and the SharePoint SQL databases- they are on a SQL 2012 cluster. Ever since upgrading to SharePoint 2013 the monthly PUs are taking forever to run. I
    just did the 5 SharePoint updates from May last night and it took nine hours to complete them, which ran outside of our maintenance window. I've seen the article about updating search component servers and stopping the SPTimerV4, OSearch15, and SPSearchHostController
    services. I'm hoping that would reduce time for updating the SharePoint server each month. My questions are. 1. Because everything is on this one server, including Central Admin, can I still stop the search services? 2. If the updates require a reboot do I
    run the configuration wizard before rebooting or after? 3. If a reboot isn't required for the updates, do I start the search services before I run the configuration wizard? In other words do those services need to be running when configuration wizard is run?
    Any help would be greatly appreciated.


  27. Hi Cyndi,
    please check out this article: it contains a script which helps you with all these things:
    Regarding reboot and PSConfig: PSConfig needs to be run after the reboot.

  28. Cyndi says:

    Thanks Stefan. I've seen that script as well, which is nice for running one update, but there are always more than one in the monthly PUs. I may try to break up the script into 3, stop services, install patch, start services, or run the steps manually.

  29. Irum says:

    Hi Stefan,

    Does may cu needs re release sp1 to be installed? Or the slipstream sp1 is enough and we don't have to install the re release sp1 in the farm.


  30. Hi Irun,
    as I wrote in the article: Slipstream is sufficient.

  31. Allani says:

    Hi Stefan,
    does the May 2015 CU for SharePoint 2013 Foundation includes the KB2760625, because the problem with the error "Common Language Runtime detected an invalid program." still there
    which is mentioned in your Blog:
    Is there a solution or a way to fix it


  32. Hi Allani,
    yes fix for KB 2760625 is included in May 2015 CU.

  33. John says:

    I am still receiving "The expected version of the product was not found on the system" when trying to install this on a 15.0.4569.1506 farm. I do not have any language packs installed.

    DisplayName : Microsoft SharePoint Server 2013
    DisplayVersion : 15.0.4569.1506

    Should I installed the correct SP1 over top of the redacted and then do the May 2015 update?

  34. Hi John,
    you can give it a try but it should not make a difference.
    I would recommend to open a support case with Microsoft in case you cannot isolate the issue yourself.

  35. Hi Michal,
    the CU is always a superset of the PU.
    With other words: yes

  36. John says:

    To follow up, I was able to apply the May CU only after installing the correct SP1 over the regressed SP1.

  37. MarkPisc2 says:

    I am having trouble getting the may cu installed on my stage server. This is the current versions being displayed:

    DisplayName : Microsoft SharePoint Server 2013
    DisplayVersion : 15.0.4571.1502

    DisplayName : Language Pack for SharePoint and Project Server 2013 – Spanish/Español
    DisplayVersion : 15.0.4571.1502

    DisplayName : Microsoft SharePoint Designer 2013
    DisplayVersion : 15.0.4569.1506

    Is it a problem with the SP Designer version? I have SP 1 applied.

  38. MarkPisc2 says:

    i went ahead and uninstalled sp designer and the language pack since we are not currently using that language pack. I will apply it later when needed.

  39. Conway Liu says:

    Hi Stefan

    We are planning to install SP1 and May 2015 CU onto our multi-servers farm. Can you please verify if the following steps will work:
    1. Install SP1 binary to all servers.
    2. Install May 2015 CU binary to all servers.
    3. Run Config Wizard on one server, wait till it finishes successfully.
    4. Run Config Wizard on all remaining server in parallel.

    In other words, must we run Config Wizard after SP1 binary and before May 2015 CU binary?

    Many thanks for your help, and your posts.

  40. Hi Conway,
    the steps are fine. You only have to run PSCONFIG a single time at the very end after installing all fixes.

  41. michal says:

    Hi Stefan.
    After installing the May CU, all reports have been removed from all Report Viewer Web Parts in my site collections. Is there a way to restore the Web parts settings? We can do it manually but it will take a lot of time 🙁


  42. Dominik says:

    HI Stefan,
    I have some problems with promoted links to a fileshare after I updated our SharePoint 2013 environment last weekend. All links to fileshares via promoted links results in a "Ungültige Seiten-URL" error.
    When I switch the view to text links it work. Only the tiles view make Problems.
    Do you have any idea to solve this issue?

    Thank you

  43. Hi Michal, Hi Dominik,
    I haven’t heard about such issues.
    Please open a support ticket with Microsoft to get these issues analyzed.

    1. Hi Prasanjit,
      the first issue was fixed with October 2015 CU.
      I haven’t heard about the second issue. I would recommend to open a support case with Microsoft to get this analyzed.

  44. Conway Liu says:

    Hello again Stefan,

    Just in case anything goes wrong during the update, we’re thinking backing up the databases (including config, content, and service)and snapshot each farm server (excluding SQL server) before the update.
    So if halfway through the binary installation something goes wrong, we will restore the servers from the snapshot.
    And if the Config Wizard encounters error that we can’t fix, we rollback by restoring the databases, and also restore the servers from their snapshot.

    Is this approach OK, or are we completely nuts thinking this is the proper way of rolling back?

    Thank you!

    1. Hi Conway,
      the only snapshots we support are cold snapshots. Means all machines in the farm have to be in a shutdown state. Then take a snapshot of the machines. I would also recommend to take the DB backup while the sharepoint machines are shutdown to ensure 100% consistency between DB and SharePoint servers.

  45. Conway Liu says:

    Thank you very much Stefan for the clarification and recommendation. We do also have a restriction on how long the farm can be unavailable to users as our business runs 7 days a week. Taking all servers offline for snap shot, and then backup the database (which will take roughly 5 hours according to our DBA) means there won’t be much time left to proceed to install the actual update, which had taken up to 3 hours just for binary installation to one of our QA servers.

    Do you know if there are any documented backup and rollback processes specific to installing SharePoint updates? I’ve tried to search the web but haven’t had any luck.

    Thank you again for any input you may have.

    Kind regards

    1. Hi Conway,
      sorry I’m not aware about such documentation.
      Customers often use methods like the one in the following article to be able to patch with minimum or zero downtime:

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