February 2015 CU for SharePoint 2013 has been released

The product group released the February 2015 Cumulative Update for the SharePoint 2013 product family.

For February 2015 CU we have full server packages (also known as Uber packages). No other CU is required to fully patch SharePoint.


Be aware that all Updates for SharePoint 2013 require SharePoint Server 2013 SP1 OR March 2013 PU for SharePoint 2013 to be installed first.

Please also have a look at the article that discusses how to properly patch a SharePoint 2013 farm which has Search enabled (see below).

Previous releases of the SharePoint Server 2013 cumulative update included both the executable and the .CAB file in the same self-extracting executable download. Because of the file size, the SharePoint Server 2013 package has been divided into several separate downloads. One contains the executable file, while the others contain the CAB file. All are necessary and must be placed in the same folder to successfully install the update. All are available by clicking the same Hotfix Download Available link in the KB article for the release.

This CU includes all SharePoint 2013 fixes released since RTM. The CU does not include SP1. You can install SP1 before or after installing this CU.

The KB articles for February CU are available at the following locations:

  • KB 2920801 - SharePoint Foundation 2013 February 2015 CU
  • KB 2920804 - SharePoint Server 2013 February 2015 CU
  • KB 2920796 - SharePoint Server 2013 with Project Server February 2015 CU
  • KB 2956101 - Office Web Apps Server 2013 February 2015 CU

The Full Server Packages for February 2015 CU are available through the following links:

After installing the fixes you need to run the SharePoint 2013 Products Configuration Wizard on each machine in the farm.

Be aware that the SharePoint Server 2013 CU contains the SharePoint Foundation CU. And the SharePoint Server 2013 with Project Server CU contains Project Server CU, SharePoint Server CU and SharePoint Foundation CU.

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Comments (32)

  1. I have received comments that the download links in the KB article seem to be unreliable (sometimes working, sometimes redirecting to a not found page).
    If you have troubel with the links in the KB articles please use the links from my blog post. They have a different format and should work reliable.

  2. anonymouscommenter says:

    Microsoft acaba de liberar las actualizaciones acumuladas para SharePoint 2010 y 2013 de febrero de 2015

  3. anonymouscommenter says:

    Buenas, Se ha liberado ya la Actualización Pública para Project 2013 y Project Server 2013. Antes de

  4. anonymouscommenter says:

    Hi Stefan,
    You mentioned that SharePoint Server 2013 CU contains SharePoint Foundation CU. Does that mean we don't have to install SharePoint Foundation prior?

    We installed SharePoint Server 2013 Cu and Project Server CU and now the PSCONFIG is throwing an error saying that there are missing components/hotfixes – but they are already installed in the Servers. (We have 1 App, 1 Web, 1 ProjectDev) Server.

    We are kinda struck now. An immediate response would be greatly appreciated !


  5. Hi AR,

    if you have SharePoint 2013 you only have to install the SharePoint 2013 CU – not the SharePoint foundation CU as this is included.
    If you have Project Server 2013 you only have to install the Project Server CU as this includes the SharePoint Server CU and the SharePoint foundation CU.


  6. anonymouscommenter says:

    Stefan – Windows Update prompts us to download and install KB2920730, Catalan proofing tools, as a required update for both SharePoint and OWA instances. This doesn't make sense. It's not clear what the compelling reason is to make such an update a required
    one. can you clarify?

  7. Hi Stephan,
    Windows Update only offers updates for components which are currently installed and need to be updated.
    It will not offer fixes for components that are not installed.
    Be aware that a base installation of SharePoint ships with proofing tools for various different languages. It is not required to install a language pack for these.
    It looks as if the Catalan proofing tools are currently installed and now an update needs to be installed for these.

  8. SnarePoint says:

    Hi Stefan,

    when I click on the download link for the SharePoint 2013 Foundation CU, I am landing on a download page with the title:"Update for Microsoft SharePoint Enterprise Server 2013 (KB2920801) "

    Why is there Enterprise Server and not Foundation in the Title? Can I really download this for my Foundation 2013?

    Kind regards!

  9. The title is wrong and has been wrong for all SharePoint 2013 Foundation CUs.
    The link I correct.

  10. Just to add: If you go to the download page and click details you will see the file name ubersts2013-kb2920801-fullfile-x64-glb.exe

    It starts with "ubersts2013"

    So this is the uber package for the 2013 version of SharePoint foundation which was earlier named SharePoint Team Service (sts).

  11. SnarePoint says:

    Thank you so much for your fast reply! 🙂

    Have a nice day!

  12. anonymouscommenter says:

    Stefan I installed the February patch because it listed a fix involving large PDF files (over 500 pages). Sometimes a parser error is generated and the file doesn't show in searches. Even though a parser error occurs the file name should still turn up
    in a search. The fix listed is "• Fixes an issue in which the PDF files are not included in the search result when those files are not parsed correctly in SharePoint 2013" I applied the patch but I'm having no luck in getting the file to show in a search.
    Do you know of any setting that is supposed to be used with this fix that might allow these files to show in a search?

  13. Hi Eric,

    the fix is actually not necessarily for large PDF files – it is for PDF files which have a misaligned startxref pointer.
    The fix now allows up to 10 bytes misalignment.
    In the scenario analyzed for the fix the affected PDF file was very large but that is not a must.

    You should open a separate support case to get your specific issue analyzed.


  14. anonymouscommenter says:

    Thanks for your response, I couldn't find any information about what the patch was specifically for. Thanks for being so helpful to the SharePoint community.

  15. Hey Stefan,

    After installing Feb 2015 Patch we keep getting an exception in the queue:
    GeneralQueueJobFailed (26000) – PreparePSProjectPermissionSynchronization.PreparePSProjectPermissionSynchronizationMessage. exception.

    I have switched on verbose logging, but no additional information is in the ULS. Only two verbose messages for getting group en get next group.

    The project sites are not sub sites of other project sites and it happens on all projects, even if only one generic non-AD resource is on the project.

    I had to disable user sync settings for now as the failure is spamming the PM’s with errors.

  16. Hi Michéle,
    please open a support case with Microsoft in case you need assistance to get this analyzed.

  17. anonymouscommenter says:

    After installed Feb. 2015 CU package, the Excel Service application is broken. The event log message:
    at Microsoft.Win32.RegistryKey.OpenSubKey(String name, Boolean writable) at Microsoft.Win32.Registry.GetValue(String keyName, String valueName, Object defaultValue) at Microsoft.Office.Excel.Server.MossHost.MossHost.get_HostBinaryPath() at Microsoft.Office.Excel.Server.CalculationServer.ExcelServerApp.Initialize()
    at Microsoft.Office.Server.Diagnostics.FirstChanceHandler.ExceptionFilter(Boolean fRethrowException, TryBlock tryBlock, FilterBlock filter, CatchBlock catchBlock, FinallyBlock finallyBlock)

    Does anyone esle have the same issue?



  18. anonymouscommenter says:

    Hi Ping- in my situation I don't think so it was related to Feb 2015 CU. My excel service is broken once I patched the laytest Windows security update. The following fix that for me:

    Remove: KB2934520 on all servers

    For each server run: psconfig -cmd secureresources

    Ensure to upadte PSConfig.exe -cmd upgrade…..

    iisreset /noforce

    Restart excel services

    Finally ensure the SA account ruuning your Excel service have enough access to your contentDBs

    $w = Get-SPWebApplication –Identity

    Hope this helps!

  19. anonymouscommenter says:

    Please run the command psconfig -cmd secureresources to resolve this issue. You may be missing some registry accesses.

  20. anonymouscommenter says:

    Hello Stefan, I think there is something wrong with the update – after installing it, we get an issue in all "Shared with" dialogs on all items – the circle is rotating, but the permissions window is not responding and the option "Advanced" is not present
    at all. It seems to be an error in sp.js, colleagues are investigating it.
    Have a nice day,

  21. Hi Marek,
    haven’t heard about such an issue.
    You might want to open a support case on this to get it investigated.

  22. Tumanov.E says:

    Hello Stefan, we have the same problem as Marek Hlavac

  23. Hi Tumanov,
    then please ensure to open a support case with Microsoft to get this analyzed.
    Without a support case we cannot investigate this issue.

  24. anonymouscommenter says:


    I downloaded "Download SharePoint Server 2013 February 2015 CU" to one of WFE but when i ran .exe file on teh server it ran and showed installation failed. What does that mean ? I have SharePoint 2013 SP1 with enterprise license installed on the server.


  25. Tumanov.E says:

    Hi Stefan,
    I found information about "Shared With" issue in

  26. Hi SP,
    the symtoms you describe are not sufficient to isolate the issue.
    If you can’t resolve the problem yourself I would recommend to open a support case with Microsoft.

  27. anonymouscommenter says:

    Following my tradition in presenting a summarized "Build Numbers Cube Sheet" as I did so before

  28. anonymouscommenter says:

    I’m presenting a summarized "Build Numbers Cube Sheet" as I did so before, so please find

  29. anonymouscommenter says:

    I’m presenting a summarized "Build Numbers Cube Sheet" as I did so before, so please find

  30. anonymouscommenter says:

    I’m presenting a summarized "Build Numbers Cube Sheet" as I did so before, so please find

  31. anonymouscommenter says:

    I’m presenting a summarized "Build Numbers Cube Sheet" as I did so before, so please find

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