Office 2013 Service Pack 1 (including SharePoint) coming early next year

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We'll release Service Pack 1 (SP1) for the 2013 set of products including Office, SharePoint and Exchange. SP1 will deliver performance enhancements, feature updates and improve compatibility with Windows 8.1. Of course if you're an Office 365 customer, you're always up to date with the latest versions of our products. We'll have more details to share on all that is coming in SP1 and how customers can acquire it closer to availability. 

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  1. anas says:

    Hi Stefan

    Does this Service Pack also fixes problems related to compatibility of Office 2013 Clients with SharePoint 2010?. The problem is that creating or opening office documents from SharePoint is not working and the browser gives the error "The operating system is not presently configured to run this application." .

  2. Hi Anas,

    I haven't seen such problems. I'm using this combination without problems. Research on the Internet indicates that this is caused by a corrupt Office Installation. I would suggest to run a repair install of Office.



  3. Franco says:

    Currently in SharePoint 2013 if you create a site policy, configure it to set the site to read-only when closed and apply it to a site, the site will not be placed into read-only once the closure date has come and gone. The site is placed in Read-Only when you manually close the site, but doesn't seem to work with the timer jobs. Will SP1 address this issue?

  4. Hi Franco,

    I'm not aware of this issue. Have you contacted Microsoft Support on this to get a fix implemented?



  5. anas says:

    Hi Stefan

    Thanks for the response. I have already run a repair of Office 2013 and also verified that no other part of Office 2010 lingers in my machine. This happens for many other people my office with the same combination.

  6. Kristoffer says:

    Hi Stefan, Any information on Service Pack 1 release? It's "early" next year and we are planning a major upgrade from Sharepoint 2010 to Sharepoint 2013, but with December CU being what it is I'm not sure if we shouldn't wait for SP1 but it depends on
    when it'll be released? .. are we talking weeks, months ?… Kind regards // Kristoffer

  7. Hi Kristoffer, I’m not in the position to provide more details here. I will provide more details as soon as they have been announced officially. Cheers, Stefan

  8. I guess you noticed it: it’s avail now.

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