Stefan Goßner

Senior Escalation Engineer for SharePoint Products and Technologies

Querystring parameters you should not use in your SharePoint application

[Updated on February 22nd, 2010 – adding additional values for WSS 4.0]

Today I have been working on a support case where customer experienced exceptions in sharepoint when passing in specific query string parameters which are evaluated by his web parts. The URL looked similar to this:


The problem here is caused by the fact that the customer used a reserved query string parameter. When creating the SPContext object SharePoint evaluates the following query string parameters if provided:

  • FeatureId
  • ListTemplate
  • List
  • ID
  • VersionNo
  • ContentTypeId
  • RootFolder
  • View
  • FolderCTID
  • Mode
  • Type

With WSS 4.0 the following query string parameters need to be added to the list:

  • PageVersion
  • IsDlg
  • Title
  • _V3List_

To ensure that the creation of the SPContext object does not fail your application should ensure that your query string parameters are different from those listed above.