Stefan Goßner

Senior Escalation Engineer for SharePoint Products and Technologies

Migrating MCMS database to MOSS 2007 – Database is not consistent

Before trying to migrate my MCMS database to MOSS 2007 I ran the pre-migration analyze step against my MCMS database.

Although I’m running this against a pretty small database (around 300 postings) I got a long list of errors and warning (actually more than 100).

The first error in the list alerted me:

I fixed several hundred database inconsistancies in customer databases but have never seen a database inconsistancy in my own databases (beside those I inserted manually to reproduce a customer issue or to repro a bug).

But when clicking on this warning to get the details of the inconsistancy actually showed that this was just a misleading error message:

So the real reason for this message is that my database is an SP1 database which I did not upgrade to SP1a.