Hotfix to support VS.NET 2005 with MCMS 2002 SP2 without installing VS.NET 2003 first

Requested since MCMS 2002 SP2 has been released was a possiblity to install MCMS 2002 with VS.NET 2005 without a need to install VS.NET 2003 first.

As SP2 is a service pack that only updates installed components it was necessary to install VS.NET 2003 first to ensure that the MCMS development tools could be installed with MCMS. Only this allowed the Service Pack to upgrade the developer tools to support VS.NET 2005.

For customers who did not want to do any VS.NET 2003 development or even did not have a copy of VS.NET 2003 this caused problems.

Microsoft has now released a hotfix (actually it is just a vbs script) that modifies the system in a way that allows the SP1a installer to install the developer tools for VS.NET 2003 without having VS.NET 2003 installed before. The developer tools can now be upgraded by the SP2 installer to be compatible with VS.NET 2005 as well.

The fix has been released as KB 915190.

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  1. Phillip LeMaster says:

    Great accomplishment!  It was such a headache to install WS 2003 and then VS2005.

  2. David says:

    why is this Fix not available for download? And how can I get the fix?

  3. Hi David,

    Microsoft does not provide download locations for hotfixes. Only Exception: security hotfixes.

    Hotfixes can be retrieved free of charge through a service request.



  4. Phillip LeMaster says:

    I placed the call with MSDN support and obtained the hotfix KB 915190, which will be incorporated into a new service pack due out someday 🙂  I will let you know if I have any issues installing this hotfix.

  5. Dan_IT says:

    I have searched the KB at MicroSoft and I am not able to find any documents relating to KB 915190. I have even searched the Premier site.. Is the only way to get any information/download of this Hotfix through a phone call? All our other Hotfixes have been available through the Premier site..

  6. Usually it takes a couple of weeks to get the KB article for hotfixes written, approved and published. I assume at the same time the hotfix will become avail on the premier site. The hotfix is available through normal Product Support Channels channels.

  7. d says:

    how do you use the hotfix, i have cms 2002, sp1a, and sp2 installed, applied the hotfix, installed vs 2005 and do not know what to do next or what I did wrong but I do not see the dev tools for 2005

  8. Hi D,

    you need to uninstall SP2. Then use Control-Panel – Add/Remove programs – CMS and add the developer tools for VS.NET 2003 (this is now possible after running the script even if VS.NET 2003 is not installed). After installing the VS.NET 2003 developer tools install SP2 again to upgrade the developer tools to a version that is compatible with VS.NET 2003 and VS.NET 2005.



  9. Dan_IT says:

    The hotfix is STILL not available on the Premier site, nor any article relating to this.

    We have put a call in to our TAM but we have not heard back.

    Do you have any insite as to why this has not become readily available?



  10. Hi Dan,

    this is under control by the product team.

    Last year we had a couple of fixes where it took several month for them to show up.

    You should open a support case and request the fix. The call will be free of charge.



  11. Mat says:

    I just received an email from MS that indicates that "the article 915190 does not contain information regarding a Hotfix." I have given them a link to your BLOG and more information to help them track the Hotfix down. Are there any changes to the post that we should be aware of?

  12. Hi Mat,

    there is no change. This is a valid hotfix.

    Please send the SR number, and the email address of the person you talked to to and I will follow up.



  13. sentia says:

    I have made the whole install scenario VS2003-SP1-VS2005-SP2,.. witout the KB 915190 hotfix, because this hotfix is not so easy to become.

    Now I have the problem, that the MCMS Template Explorer is missing in the VS2005 CMS Project.

    What can I do to have the MCMS Template Explorer whit the Page Properties in my VS2005 Template Project?



  14. Hi Sentia,

    you need to ensure that you are using "location" "http" when creating the project. If this does not help, see here:



  15. Jeff Kararo says:

    I have searched for this hotfix and still have found nothing regarding the KB 915190.  Has anyone else downloaded this fix?

  16. Jez says:

    I don’t know why MS makes you jump through hoops for this update (you still can’t download it from the website!), all the fix does is create the string key "InstallDir" in "SOFTWAREMicrosoftVisualStudio7.1"

    This is a folder reference, it needs to point to a temporary folder that exists somewhere (not the same folder as VS2005 uses tho)

    After that’s set you can install the tools, then run SP2 to update to VS2005.

  17. Wing Chan says:

    Jez, you are right. It’s done.

  18. madhu says:

    After install the hotfix also i am unable to see the template explorer as well as option to create new CMS project.Ami missing anything.I didnt get any error while installting MCMS with Sp2.Please advise.

  19. After running the script in this fix you need to add the VS.NET support using control panel – add/remove programs.

    Also ensure to follow the information in the MCMS SP2 readme file which contains the info how to install the MCMS project templates.

  20. Jose says:

    This hotfix installation is just making me go in circles. I have a Windows Server 2003 SP2 server that already has VS 2005 installed. When I try to fun this Hotfix, it’s telling me I need MCMS sp1a installed. I try installing sp1a BUT it now tells me that MCMS 2002 or sp1 is not installed. So I try to install sp1 and now it’s telling me it cannot find MCMS 2002. I’m right at the beginning again where I’m having problems installing MCMS 2002 w/o VS 2003. Any suggestions? Thanks.

  21. Hi Jose,

    the trick is the following:

    You need to install MCMS 2002 SP1a. Either by installing MCMS 2002 RTM + SP1a or by installing the slipstream SP1a version.

    Before this you should run the script in the above listed fix which will patch the registry in a way that MCMS 2002 SP1a allows to install the developer tools for VS.NET 2003 even if VS.NET 2003 is not installed.

    After installing SP2 this will then upgrade the developer tools to the VS.NET 2005 version.



  22. Mohammed says:

    Hi Stefan,

    When i am trying to run this fix, i am getting an error saying "Need a valid folder path a first argument". Where should i run this script.



  23. Hi Mohammed,

    you first need to create an empty folder on your disk and provide the path to this folder as argument.



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