Second MCMS SP2 hotfix has been released today!

Site Deployment export does not work on databases created before SP2 and moved to SQL Server 2005

This problem will occur with all databases which have been migrated from MCMS 2002 SP1a and then moved to SQL Server 2005. If you are affected by this issue please open a support case with Microsoft Support Services.

Databases created on SQL Server 2005 are not affected.

Update January 25, 2006: the hotfix for this request has been released and can be requested from Microsoft Support as KB 913401

The hotfix has been provided as self-extracting zip file. Two files are included:
These two files have to be copied into the <cms02 install path>\server\setup files\sql install directory.
Run DCA (Database Configuration Application); point to the existing (or any sp1a database) and click "next".
The DCA will indicate that an upgrade is needed and will apply the new upgrade script (_sp1aTosp2upgrade.sql) to the database. NOTE: make sure the user accessing the db has rights to change schema.

Unfortunatelly - due to the way this hotfix has been build - there are a couple of things to consider:

1) customers running the DCA to upgrade a SP1a database will be successfully upgraded and will reflect to CMS2002SP2.
2) customers running the DCA to upgrade a SP1 or RTM database will successfully upgrade to SP1a(!) and reflect CMS2002SP1a.
A second run of the DCA is required to upgrade the database to SP2. Without the second run of the DCA the database will not contain the new procedures from the hotfix.

(A list of all SP2 issues including state can be found here: Current known issues with MCMS 2002 SP2)

Comments (7)

  1. Erik Bailey says:

    Hi Stefan – I have obtained the hotfix but don’t understand how to install it. There is a _dca.ini file and a _sp1aTosp2upgrade.sql file. What is the installation process (the readme.txt references hfx.exe but that wasn’t in the package I received)?

    Thanks! –Erik

  2. Hi Erik,

    I have updated the blog to answer your question.



  3. I cannot download the hotfix from the link you provided. Can you tell me where I can download it from?



  4. Hi Derek,

    that is as expected. Microsoft does not provide download links for hotfixes which are not security related.

    You need to open a support case for this to request the hotfix.



  5. Tomas says:

    Hi Stefan,

    I have asked about the hotfix, but Microsoft support center responsed, that

    currently the hotfix described in 913401 is unavailable.

    Could anybody, who has already have this hotfix, provide a link to download these files?



    I need to export SDO package from sitemanager Databases was created before SP2 and moved to SQL Server 2005 now.

    Thank you very much.


  6. Hi Tomas,

    this hotfix is not unavailable.

    Please send me your service request number and the email address of the person you dealt with and I will follow up.



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