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Senior Escalation Engineer for SharePoint Products and Technologies

Documented / Undocumented API – Why Should I care? – Part 3

Part 3 – How to identify 3rd party products using undocumented program internal intefaces

I have discussed problems when using undocumented program internal interfaces and how they affect support in Part 1 and Part 2 of this article. Now lets focus on 3rd party products as these might consume such interfaces which would also impact your current environment.

The most reliable way to identify if a 3rd party product uses any undocumented program internal interfaces is to ask the 3rd party company. Hopefully they will tell the truth.

Beside that: you can be sure that the 3rd party product uses undocumented program internal interfaces if the product offers features that cannot be build using the documented API.

For MCMS you can be sure that undocumented program internal interfaces are used if the 3rd party product offers at least one of the following features:

  • create resource galleries
  • create custom channel properties
  • manage rights groups
  • manage users in rights groups
  • assign rights groups to channels, resource galleries or template galleries
  • move channels, template galleries or resource galleries

None of the above featues can be achieved with MCMS without using undocumented program internal interfaces.

If you currently own such a product you should definitly read Part 1 and Part 2 of this article. You might also want to check with the 3rd party company to see if they have a version of their software that uses only documented API.


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