TechEd – Day 4

I did some more hands on labs on ASP.NET 2.0.

Later I went to the IIS 7 preview session. This was really a highlight! IIS 7 looks to become a really great product: all configuration for as well managed and unmanaged stuff is now done in the web.config. It is possible to delegate administrative tasks to sub site owners using a GUI front end. Override of global settings - if allowed - can be done by a section owner by modifying the web.config in their part of the site. Management and monitoring tools are very cool! It will be - e.g. - possible to see the execution time for every page in the system in a GUI. So high CPU issues can easily be pinpointed by a customer. Previously it was usually necessary to ring Microsoft Support to let them analyze Performance Monitor and Dump file. Very cool!

Finally I attended an Internet Explorer session. I thougth that information about IE 7 would be provided but actually nearly no information was provided...

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