Free workflow engine for MCMS from Skelta

[Via Arpan Shah]

At TechEd Orlando Skelta, announced that they are providing a lite version of their workflow product with seamless integration with MCMS. You will be able to run 25 concurrent workflow processes at any given time – which should be sufficient for most web content management implementations. ETA is planned for end of July.

See here for more details:

Best part: This lite version will be given away free of charge!

Comments (4)

  1. Stefan_Gossner says:


  2. mohindv says:

    In Such scenario what is the MS next step, In such scenario is it a win win situation for Skelta becasue MS wont be able to compete taking CMS ….

    What i feel Partners will stop buying CMS and would consider SPS next as one store ..

    What is your comments in this scenario.



  3. Stefan_Gossner says:

    Hi Mohindv,

    MCMS and SPS have different functionality. You can’t replace MCMS with SPS in all situations.

    Next version of MCMS will be part of MOSS 2007 – together with SPS. So in next version of MCMS the search engine will be included.