Stefan Goßner

Senior Escalation Engineer for SharePoint Products and Technologies

MCMS tip of the day – recovering deleted resources

Ever had the problem that you needed to do housekeeping on your MCMS database? Lots of space is often used by resources in resource galleries. So a good idea is to ensure that only used resource gallery items keep stored in the database. MCMS does not provide a public API to identify which resources are used in which posting. But here is a tool that can gathers this information:

Using this tool will help to identify which resources are not currently used and which are still used.

But what if you already deleted a resource gallery item that was still used by a posting? You will experience ugly effects like broken images, unwanted authentication prompts and problems during save of the postings. The best would be to just undelete the accidently deleted resource gallery item – but such a function is not included in MCMS out of the box.

The good thing is: Microsoft now provides a solution for this. See here for more details: