MCMS tip of the day – staging an ASP.NET based MCMS site

The Site Stager component shipped with MCMS only allows staging of a ASP based MCMS site - not of an ASP.NET based site.

Although it often would not make sense to get a static snapshot of a dynamic MCMS website, there can be reasons that require to get a static snapshot - e.g. if MCMS is used for help file creation (CHM help files).

As a workaround for this limitation you can use Site Stager .NET which is able to create a static snapshot also from ASP.NET based MCMS sites.

Comments (5)

  1. g-man says:

    Can the stager be used to create a static version of a MS CMS site that can be deployed to a production web server. This way you could not need CMS installed on the web server.

  2. Yes, that is possible – but it is only a static version. No dynamic content included.

  3. g-man says:

    Can you provide some examples on what you consider dynamic content? From what I know, dynamic web site functionality (asp/ pages) are not managed within MSCMS. So, what would dynamic content consist of – that would not work with the stager?

  4. The stager will create html pages. No ASP. No ASP.NET.

  5. janet says:

    Now that gotdotnet is no longer with us, is there any where else I can get this?

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