MCMS tip of the day – standalone template manager

Did you ever have the problem that you needed to quickly update a MCMS template definition on a production server or on a staging server where Visual Studio .NET was not installed? Or are you creating ASP based sites using MCMS 2002 and don't like the idea to have a need to install VS.NET just to mainain the template definitions?

The following solution will help you in these situations:

Comments (6)

  1. nelson says:

    Hi Stefan,

    Could you possibly supply an updated URL for the above standalone template manager?

    I’ve tried the link to gotdotnet and it’s "closed down" and can’t seem to find it under

    thanks in advance,


  2. Hi Nelson,

    sorry this is not my tool. It was provided by someone else and I don’t have the rights to share it out.



  3. Alan wicker says:


    I am also very keen to get hold of this tool. Does anyone have contact details for the author (Steve Walker)



  4. Alan wicker says:

    Seems like the author posted the source code here (have yet to test this):

  5. Steve Walker says:

    The Template Manager can now be downloaded from CodePlex:

    I don’t know anything about, the ‘official’ release was via GotDotNet.


  6. Hi Steve,

    thanks for the update!



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