Stefan Goßner

Senior Escalation Engineer for SharePoint Products and Technologies

Direct access to the MCMS database

Once in a while I see people using code to directly access the MCMS database. Today I found a blog from Chester who wrote a module to do this.

Unfortunatelly direct access to the MCMS database without using the MCMS publishing API breaks the Microsoft Support Boundaries for MCMS.

With other words: if you are not interested in using Microsoft Support: go ahead and use this module!

To address question like the one from Steve below:

It might sounds stupid that modules which only read the database are also affected by this statement but the reason is simple: whenever a custom module accesses the database directly it can potentially create database inconsistancies. Microsoft will not analyze the custom module to check if there is harmful code or not. Even if Microsoft would analyze the code – who would know if a previous version was different and already caused inconsistancies? So if such code is included the solution is no longer supported.

Hope this makes more sense now.

Btw: this also includes database access using un-documented API functions.